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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Reflections over the past 6 + years!

As we are about to close this year, I couldn't help but reflect back on all that Mike and I have experienced together! It has been a true blessing to walk this journey of "marriage" with him! More then just being married to him, he has become; my best friend, strength, biggest cheerleader and a shoulder to cry on or comedian (which is an understatement)!

We did experience some tough times in the past 6 years and that was when we grew the most! The loss of Mike's dear Uncle Moose (April -2005) ,Grandma Parker (Feb-2007) & Grandma Wilson (July 2008). We will always cherish the memories that we have with them.

Favorite memories we have experienced together.

1998-Mike & Jenn meet in July @ Camp BaYouCa

1999-Mike and Jenn meet again (I was the Assistant Program Director and Mike soon takes on a new summer project, winning my heart!)

2000-Jenn graduates from Baptist Bible College and begins teaching in Syracuse, NY (Mike is finishing out his degree at Syracuse University)

2001- Aug. 18 (Caro, MI) Mike proposes to Jenn at J.J Jamokes

2002-June 29th , Our wedding at Hendricks Chapel (Syracuse, NY)!

2003- Mother's Day ,We become parents of an 8 week old West

Highland Terrier!!

2004- May 9th (We become an Aunt & Uncle for the first time: Grace Elizabeth)

June 29th -We move to Atlanta, GA

( Mike begins working with PWC ,Atlanta Office)

Aug-I begin teaching at NCCS (Short summer break)

2005-June 6th -We purchase our first house!

Aug-I became the Lead Teacher for the 3rd grade staff @ North Cobb

Christan School

2006 -Feb.27- MIKE PASSES HIS CPA!

March 16th - (Our first nephew, Josh is born)

June 16th- (Our second nephew , Samuel is born)

December 14th -We find out we are expecting our first baby...Awesome

early Christmas Present!

2007-April-We visit my family in MI

(Our 3rd Nephew, Jack is born, while we are there!)

June 1st-Jenn says "goodbye" to teaching after 7 years!

June, 29th-we celebrate our 5th anniversary at Borios, (Syracuse,NY) where

we had our wedding reception

Aug.20th-Parker Wilson Clark Riese arrives @ 6:55 PM , 8lbs & 20 inches!

October-I say goodbye to 20's and turn 30!!!

(By Far-Our biggest blessing of the year was Parker!)

2008-Feb-Mike ends his career with PWC (after 5 HARD years)

Feb 19th-Mike begins his new job with GE!!! PTL

Aug, 20th- Parker Wilson Clark turns 1!!

Sept.-Mike and his friends from PWC- attend Softball tournament and WIN!

November-we spend Thanksgiving in MD with Mike's family

December-Our first Christmas spent in GA -with Mom & Dad Riese

So many memories that I have listed and how can I end this with out a big hug and kiss to Michael, for putting up with me these last 6 years! I cherish you, Parker and our families! We have SO much to be grateful for! God has richly blessed us and I can't wait to see how the new year 2009, unfolds!

I couldn't help it-I had to put a slide show together of some of these treasured memories!

We wish you all a wonderful New Year!

Mike, Jenn & Parker

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Blessings...2008

We have so much to be thankful for, excellent health, wonderful family and great friends! But most of all the gift from our Savior!
We were blessed to have extra special company this Christmas (and it was our first Christmas in GA, since living here for the past 4 & 1/2 years) Mike's parents!
Parker loves spending time with them and he is enamored by big Poppy teaching him new things whenever he sees him!
We had wonderful Christmas Eve Service and had our friends the Fosters come over for Spaghetti following the service!
Christmas day we slept in!!! Yippee -Parker didn't wake up till 8AM! We had a wonderful morning opening up presents (and we always manage to get each other some little extra surprises....) and gave Parker his 3 big presents from us! Nana & Big Poppy loved seeing him explore so many firsts this Christmas! Of course most of Parker's presents all have BALLS or MUSIC! We are definitely entertained to say the least!
Our good friends "Uncle Rick, Aunt Lorelei & Terry" came and had Dinner with us! I got a fabulous deal on a Honey Baked Ham and it was Delicious! I am sure it tasted even better since I got it for $10.00 off ! We exchanged presents with them and watched Parker open up his ELMO Live from them...(they spoil him to much-but we are so blessed to have them in our lives!) Parker was fascinated with Elmo at times and then he ran from him too! It was funny.
The funniest part of the day was Lorelei and I almost giving each other the same thing. We each got a "friend" frame with a photo of us in it! It would have made it more funny if we had actually framed the SAME photo!
As I stated at the beginning-we are so blessed and we rejoice that God has given us so much to be thankful for!
We received a Christmas letter from my former Co-worker and good friend, (Elese Allen)
I LOVE getting her Christmas letter....she always writes a poem!
The ending of her Poem/ Christmas letter was touching and speaks volumes for what we all need to be doing during these tough times! I hope it touches you and that you will open up your heart to Christ this season if you have not already.

" This year our world has been filled with so much fear and uncertainty.
With war, lay-offs, elections, gas prices, and foreclosures-there's a lot of anxiety.

Many are seaching for some sign of hope
And coming up with all kinds of ways to cope

Allow me to suggest there is only one REMEDY-
Trusting in the very God who created you and me.

The world is constantly changing but my friends, He does not
He is the same YESTERDAY, TODAY and FOREVER- what a comforting thought.

Christmas is the perfect time to remember and believe what is TRUE
Christ was born as a babe in Bethlehem to one day die for me and you.

Jesus willing chose to die in our place
So we could spend eternity with God -what AMAZING GRACE!

Nothing that happens to us takes Him by surprise.
The Bible tells ups we're the very apple of His eyes.

Won't you put your trust in Him? He's everything you need.
He is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE indeed.

No matter what the future holds, He can be your PRINCE of PEACE
His love endures forever-it can never cease.

We hope that as you reflect on this year, that you will have much to be thankful for
And that you recognize God's provisions like never before.

May Christmas with your family be a blessed blast-
Full of laughter and memories that will forever last.

May God bless you richly in 2009
And bring light and hope to others through your life and mine!
(Poem by, Elese Allen -2008)

Happy New Year!
Here are some highlights of this years Christmas!

Click to play Riese's  1st Chrsitmas in GA
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Mike, Jenn & Parker :)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

16 Months Old

(Photo 1-Parker pointing to "The Plane-The Plane!")
(Photo 2-Checking out the Christmas Cards!)

Parker is 16 months old today and took off walking this week!
He is a delight and yes....A HANDFUL at times! But, we couldn't ask for a happier little boy.
He is totally into "the plane(s)" flying over our house.
Hence the photo above of him pointing up! (It seems to be an everyday thing at least 20 times!) He has recently taken an interest in blueberries -prior to this month he had NO interest in their texture! Not to many more new things!
At his 15 month check-up he was 23 & 1/2 lbs. (30 %) and 31 & 1/4 inches length (50 %). He sure feels a whole lot heavier then 23 lbs!

On the home front,we put the tree up in the dinning room...and little decorations this year on it!
Someone is amazed by the "balls" that are on the tree...!

(Christmas Card Wall of Fame....Can you find your card?)

This past weekend Mike was in Memphis,TN for the Syracuse/Memphis College Basketball game. He went to the game with 3 of his friends from Syracuse who now live here in GA as well! I am glad he could have a weekend away-he deserves it for all the hard work and time he puts in!
I took advantage of redecorating Parker's bathroom. "Aunt Joy, Uncle David & Trey got Parker a Pottery Barn Frog Shower curtain set . So I decided to paint the walls to match the set! The bathroom is now,periwinkle blue & I love it so far. I will post photos when it is done! ( I managed to get all the painting done during his naps today! Yippee~)
Thanks to Aunt Lorelei and Uncle Rick for keeping me company and Parker entertained tonight! It was fun....and made the weekend go by faster!

Here is a video of him walking.

Jenn :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

GE Christmas Party Photos...

The night was a blast...and it was great to finally meet Mike's boss in person!
We had a wonderful full coarse meal, a surprise visit from Santa & great laughs during the gift exchange. FYI: Mike thought it was a White Elephant Party....but it was actually supposed to be a good laugh gift less then $20.00! Well we took a GE Hand mixer (that we got last week at a White Elephant Party) and Mike took an old toaster of ours ,that no longer works! It was so embarrassing -after I realized what we were suppose to bring!! Needless to say , I made sure he came home with the toaster. The mixer was wanted by 2 people! (That was funny-and I sure hope it works!!) Now I know what to expect for next year and I will go and take care the gifts!!

Here are some of our highlights of the night-we got home late, but we were so glad we got out!
Jenn :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Christmas Party Date with Mike

The hustle and bustle has begun of ; shipping packages off to my family, decorating the house (little this year), mailing out Christmas cards, getting gifts for close friends and...... the annual Work Christmas Parties for GE!
I look forward to the Annual parties with his job! We did hear that his old company PWC is not doing any Christmas parties this year due to the decline in the economy. They are trying to be respectful of their clients that are financially hurting! So, I was not personally expecting ANY parties this year with GE! I was wrong. We had one on the 5th with all the controllers. It was a nice dinner with about 20 people. It was great to get to know many other "financial" people like Mike! (*Actually no one is near like him and that is what makes him so fun and loveable for all!) And tonight we are headed to a Financial Christmas Party for GE and this one is to be Holiday Best dress!!? Hmmm? I decided to wear the "never go wrong" Black dress! Thanks to ROSS I found a cute one and I will be even happier when I use it again for our upcoming Cruise! I enjoy getting dressed up now that I stay home.
I love these parties because it is a nice "date" for Mike and I that is free food (and always top-notch)-apart from paying our sitter!
The other reason I am looking forward to tonight, is that I will finally meet Mike's Boss and the CFO (who I actually sent an email too by mistake ) I blogged about it awhile ago! Yes, it will nice to finally meet him and get some laughs too I am sure!
I GOT MY CAMERA BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So , I can even take some photos of our night! If you know me, I have to have a camera to capture the "moments!"
I will post photos tomorrow!
Jenn :)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Guess Who Is ......

WALKING??!It is official-Parker took 4 steps....later during the day he did 6 steps....then tonight for Daddy he took 8! He has fallen into the typical category of 1st born boys....(crawled at 10 months and walked at 15 & 1/2 months). Parker looks like a little penguin with his arms out in front, but he is just a grinning after he realizes he has made it with out falling!
No pictures to post of this big milestone....but I do have a photo of another first in Parker's life...."his first time meeting Santa!"

We are not big on Santa-and Mike and I both grew up knowing that Christmas is all about the birth of our Savior! However, it is fun to have this little part of "surprise Christmas morning-and wonder HOW so many toys could possibly get under that tree? We have come to a decision that we will not go overboard(since he gets so many great gifts from both sides of our families) and try to stick to 3 main gifts for Parker that we give him ...just as Jesus received the 3 gifts. We want to teach Parker the importance of giving!

So, yesterday my good friend Samantha and I took Parker, and her daughter, Marlee to meet Santa!

OH boy! Did we get some looks...TEARS.... and more looks!
The pictures speak volumes!
We will see what he thinks of Santa next year! : 0

I got confirmation yesterday,that I will have my camera by the end of next week-so yeah to that! I might figure out this new cell phone and do some photos of Parker walking. If not before Christmas, we will post some following the holiday.

I just mailed out the Christmas cards today, and they should arrive soon to all of you who are on our list!
Jenn :)

Monday, December 08, 2008

Ouch ....2 stitches later!!!

Life on Gabriel Way was crazy this morning and the main person involved was ME!
This morning at 9:00 I hit my eye (the corner of my right eyebrow) on a new shelf that we have on the wall near the TV .
I was bending down to get Kayleigh's pacifier (it was time for naps)....I came up and BAMB!!! Ouch???! I start seeing stars....My glasses flew off. (This whole time Parker and Kayleigh are upstairs in the playroom) so they didn't see me cry...and the blood! Yes there was BLOOD!
I freaked and an instant headache began! I start crying....what just happened?
I put the paci down & find my to the bathroom!
OH -NO! I don't want Stitches-I have NEVER had to get them (except for surgical procedures!)
I call Mike .He is about to pull into work (yet willing to come home) and says ....Call Lorelei and have her come and look at it!
Lorelei (my friend and neighbor) comes the meantime I have managed to get 2 happy (yet tired) kiddos down for naps!
The cut is 1/2 inch long. I know that usually stitches has to be 1 inch of cut. So I am just sad that I have been so klutzy and now I am yelling at the stupid box! Not to mention my facial image now being scared....urr-"stupid box-I say again!"
I refuse to go to the ER unless I couldn't see out of my eye or the blood wouldn't stop! Lorelei insists I call my Dr. to get it checked out.
She helped me bandage it-I kept it on till my Dr. visit today at 3:45 and my Dr. made the choice for 2 stitches! It was a pretty deep puncture....and he says ...."Oh that is a cut all right and deep enough for a few stitches!!" ("stupid box I say again!") Mike is sitting there and I am begging him to get rid of it!
It is swollen a bit , but the 2 stitches is fine with me considering the damage could have been worse! I am SO thankful I did not puncture my eye!
Here is a photo of my lovely stitches....(urr) and the Stupid (I mean...lovely box that is out of our 1 year old's reach....yet injures mommy in the mean time!)

So glad that Christmas cards are behind us!!
Jenn :(

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Christmas Card Bloopers.....

So the time of year has come once again for the annual Christmas Card!

Last year I got away with a collage of many "first" moments with Parker! So we didn't have to go and "pose" for the Christmas card!

This year we were back into the routine. (Christmas cards are a BIG deal to me and I LOVE to get them in the mail-and I love to collect all the ones we have send out-this is #6 for us...WOW!) We went to a park a 1/2 hr away that had gorgeous scenery. We took a ton of photos,despite the chill in the air ! ~You will have to guess which ones we went with for the card!! I coordinated our colors with a sweater Parker got from Uncle Brian & Aunt Courtney and the outdoors were great for the colors were were in. I finally picked out 3 great ones after all our laughs from the many bloopers! Everything with Parker is about a ball-and we thought if Sam and Kendall held a Ball he would look at the camera!!! NOPE he cried for it!!! You will see.....

Hope you get a laugh out of some of these like we did.

Thanks Sam & Kendall , for going with us~ (we took theirs too).

Hmm,Can I do another collage next year? A lot of work to do it -but the memories are fun!

I ordered our cards from Shutterfly last night and glad to have that off the list!

Now for the decorations around here! I am getting motivated as I look at all my neighbor's yards!

Hopefully tonight at 7:30 (when Parker is in bed)-we will get going with the decorations and be done by our bed time...around 11!

Blessings to all of you,

Jenn :)

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Reflections of Thanksgiving 2008

We had a week of travels and we are back ....resting and getting ready for Christmas! Breathe....I am still trying to get energy so I can decorate for Christmas!
Looking back at our week:
We left last Sunday for Knoxville, TN to attend Trey's 1st Birthday Party. We had a good time....but someone was VERY ancy to get on the road (sooner then I wanted) so that made it hard to say goodbye! Men and their sports... (do i need to say who was ancy to go????!)
We arrived Monday at 10:30 in VA Beach ... the day was a hard one for Parker. He was cutting another Molar and it was hard for him to get comfortable ! We managed and were glad to arrive. He is such a great trooper and always adapts wherever we are!
We stayed at the VA Beach Resort & Conference Center (compliments of the Visitors Bureau)! Mike contacted them about the potential 2009 PWC softball tournament being held there! So we felt like a king and a queen to say the least during our visit! We met up with friends of ours from Church who were there visiting family! We had a great seafood dinner out and even got to drive on the boardwalk and see the Christmas Lights! It was so much fun to get to know you two more, Dusty and Megan! Not sure if the tournament will be there-the guys are checking out 2 other cities and then they will narrow down their decision by Feb!

We finally made it to our final destination (and MAIN reason for travel) to Fredrick, MD ! I was SO excited to finally arrive! (We were stuck in the good 'ol DC traffic for 2 hours on WED-not cool when you have a 15 mth old in the back seat-but thankful I had my MaMa Mia CD that kept him entertained LOL)
We stayed with Mike's oldest brother Brian and his wife Courtney! We could not have had better hosts (and they were WONDERFUL with Parker....and can I say SPOILED HIM WAY TO MUCH with gifts) A little side note; Parker took 3 steps on his own at their house. But his big accomplishement was learning how to climb or (go DOWN) stairs! He was SO proud. I am sure it helped him having the steps all broken up . (They live in a town house -so he only had 4 stairs at a time...he loved the big platforms to play on!)
Brian made a wonderful 21 LB turkey and the rest of us pitched in and made ALL (and we did not leave any side dishes out!) We had WAY to much food . No wonder I gained a few ....
Friday was Brian's 30th Birthday so we catered to making the day special for him.(We made sure to get up early and hit those awesome Black Friday Sales.....I was sad that we were limited on space (traveling home) but we got all the gifts and few items we did buy....home!!! YEAH!) We at a great BBQ restaurant and ended the night with Brusters Icecream Cake! Hope it was a fun 30th Brian for you!
Saturday we all woke up and focused on "Christmas!" Being that this was the year for all of Riese's to be together for Thanksgiving and not Christmas we ended the week exchanging our gifts! Parker was the king of gifts ... but that is the best part I guess about being the first grand-child! We are so grateful for ALL he got from all of you! HE LOVES all the musical toys you all got him!

I'm really looking forward to staying here and relaxing for Christmas...before our next departure....DISNEY CRUISE with my family (in Februray for my parents 40th anniversary) I am so excited but have so much to do between now and then! My neighbor next door teases me about being the world traveler....we are gone alot! ???! I am starting to enjoy having the weeks where we are just home more and more now!
Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving ~ I will get the Christmas Cards out shortly!
(Praying that my camera comes back sooon-or that they mail me a new one!)
Here are 2 slide shows of our week!

Click to play Trip to TN & VA Beach!
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Click to play Riese Thanksgiving ~2008
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Thursday, November 20, 2008

15 Months Old

Hard to believe that we are nearing up the holiday season and Parker is about to celebrate his 2nd Thanksgiving and Christmas! Last year he slept the holidays away! This year he will be taking it all in....and I am sure getting into ALL of it too! Still trying to decide on the Christmas tree(s ) and how we will decorate them or if this year!! (Hmmm ?)

In the world of Parker he is walking around with us or a walks with a toy.... but the confidence is still being tested independantly. He can stand on his own and take about 2 steps! (That is fine with us!) The past month Parker has been cutting 2 bottom molars. Tuesday and Wednesday were really ruff days and he was so NOT himself! I felt so bad for him (and thank goodness for Motrin!)-He was in bed by 6:45 on Tuesday night and slept till 8:30 AM!

Parker's Favorites are still pretty consistent.
He has added 3 new words to his vocabulary "GO and Baby!" Which now sums up his total vocabulary to 8 words! You would be surprised how much we can talk about with just 8 words!

nigh-nigh, (or "No-no -nigh-nigh" when its time for bed)

Favorite Food:Pasta and sliced turkey meat
Favorite toy by far "DA BALL!"

Favorite book- The Penguin

In other Parker news... we are completely bottle free! He LOVES his Milk and we have had quite the time finding a cup he will drink out of. He's become a fan of the Playtex Sippy straw cups. They travel well and are leak free!
In the world of the Riese's we are looking forward to Thanksgiving with Mike's family in MD !
We will be spending the holiday with Mike's brother Brian and his wife, Courtney (along with the rest of Mike's family!) So we will be on the road ALL next week~We have a few stops before we actully get to MD!
First stop is TN to visit Joy, David & Trey;
Second stop is Virginia Beach Virginia (we will be scouting out the area for the PWC 2009 tournament in September)
So PLEASE pray for us if you think about us during next week as we have ALOT of travels!
I am posting a video to show how much Parker LOVES to say "ball"~ I tried to get him to talk about "Abbey" but you will see he was very focused on "da ball!"

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving to all of you and remeber to GIVE THANKS not just this next Thursday, but each day God gives you!
Jenn :)

FYI: After I shot the video this AM, I got ready to do another video and the lens started acting up (which was the problem last month)! (It was "fixed" and worked great the last 2 weeks!) I called Olympus and they are once again going to "fix" it! So NO Camera for the Thanksgiving Holiday! Back to the Hospital it goes....hopefully back or even better and praying

Friday, November 14, 2008

A mother's worst nightmare....

locking your child in your car!!!!
Well, it happened today and today was one of the longest days for me as a mother!
Parker and I went and had lunch with "Aunt Lola" & "Aunt Sam" at the Teacup Cottage! Thanks for a great lunch "Aunt Lola!"

We left around 2:30 to do some errands! I was headed to Jo-Ann Fabrics and Old Navy...but we only made it to Jo-Ann's!
I got all checked out around 3:30 at Jo-Ann's! I unloaded my stuff, unloaded my purse (which had the usual...cell phone, wallet, and then I threw the keys in the seat too) FYI-I always take this with me when I get in the car....!
Next I loaded Parker in, shut the passenger door, & shut his passenger side door.
Grabbed his shopping cart cover, and thew it in the back of my SUV door....and off to the driver's door I go!
Here are my thoughts for the next LONGEST 45 Minutes of my day:
OH-NO! OH-NO! My door won't open??! (I look in and there are the keys on the passenger seat)...( I instantly knew if the driver's door doesn't open -then none of the others will open!!)

I go over and realize my "nightmare" has just come true!
NO! How can this be?
Why did I put my purse and keys in before Parker?
Now I really start to Panic!
There is an instant feeling of fear and hopelessness when you and your child are just separated by a piece of glass and you have no way to reach out to him!!!!
I look in at a HAPPY 15 month old sipping away on his juice.
However, he sees me (through the tinted window & thinks we are playing a "peek-a-boo" game)
So he throws down his juice and starts to laugh!
OH-NO! (That should entertain you what do I do?!!!)
I leave him -"HOW DARE I LEAVE MY CHILD, unattended in a the car!!! Calm down Jenn, you have to call Mike-your phone is in the car!" I realize -no one can take him!
I begin to cry and try to compose myself.
I RUN into the store!
My face said it all!
"HI-I need to call my husband, I just locked my baby , my keys and phone in my car!"
Sales Rep-"Oh, NO!" Absolutely...she then speaks into her microphone (her private one) and says ("I need a manager up to the front. I need some help with a lady who is locked out of her car and her baby is in there!"....)
In the meantime I have to remember Mike's number....thank-goodness I know it...even though He is "2" in my phone!
(TODAY everyone is just one number in most cell phones....this wonderful tool called "speed dial"!!!)
I am crying and he hears it in my voice....he calms me down and leaves instantly....however he is 20 miles away-but a good 1/2 hour!
My mind begins to worry and I run back to the car.
Now the managers know and 2 are out to help me!
We tried to have Mike push the remote through his cellphone and into the managers phone! It didn't after 20 minutes we called 911~!
Parker is now crying because Mommy is NOT getting in the car!
A really sweet lady, named Crystal insisted on giving me her umbrella! (It began to rain-but I didn't care! My boy was in the car and I had no where else to go!)
I think he could hear me-but he couldn't see me very well! Poor little guy!
(FYI-his latest is when he cries he says "Abbey -over and over again!" )
Within 10 minutes of the Management calling 911 the big red firetruck arrives!!!!)
My MIND-"A FIRETRUCK! I am SO embarrassed! This is really gonna be a great blog entry now-no even better....It will be a great story at the baby shower on Sunday!? (I was getting stuff to make a baby shower gift!)

So thank goodness for the local fire department and their little tools to open my car up!
My lesson: have a spare key somewhere (besides MIKE) , or with someone who can rescue me quickly!

When I got in the car, I was never so happy to take Parker out of that car seat!
It was the best hug I had with Parker yet!!!
All the feelings of fear and hopelessness faded as I embraced him!
Now I have a better feeling of how God feels when we are so close, yet so distant from him!
Hopefully this nightmare does not come true for any of you other moms out there!

(FYI-Mike pulled in just as the firetruck was pulling out!!!)
Jenn :)

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Back home & healthy Olympus Camera is back in business! LOL
According to the "Drs. report" they had to replace the lens. P.T.L. it was all under waranty!
Mike and his friends played in a local Softball Tournament today. They got 3rd place and did well, considering that they played against teams who play constantly in tournaments!
Parker, as I have mentioned in previous posts is ready to walk.
While we were at the ballpark, Aunt Lorelei was motivated to get Parker walking! Here are a few photos of Parker in action (not quite walking but so close) and one photo ( under mommy's legs LOL).
We only stayed for 1 game and then found ourselves all of a sudden at Old Navy getting some great bargains! Parker desperately needed a winter coat and they were 50% off today!

Modeling his new winter coat
Peek-a-boo...I see you!

Parker and "Aunt Lola"

I got a little carried away, but love it when we get great bargains!

Here is a little video too of Parker "walking" for that softball

Jenn :)

PS: If you haven't signed up for the Parlee Pocket giveaway...we still have the contest going on for 1 more week!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A First for Everything....

Last night was History in the making....Our first Black President Elect come January! I hope that we get some good change that America needs. Now we must pray for him as he embarks upon this new role! Being an educator, I have been moved by this victory that the "dream has finally happened for the African- American Race, and believing that there was NO future for them ....amazing history in the making!" I really do wonder where we will be 1 year from now? Peace?!! Better Economy?! The list goes on!
Change is supposedly about to happen with our Government , but one thing will NEVER change...God is still on his throne and he is in Control!

Another "first" in our household....Mike and I awoke to a happy boy this AM! When I went in to get him ....(beacuse I heard this tap, tap, tap that couldn't be an object anywhere near his bed) he WASN'T IN THE BED! Parker was on the floor tapping the trash can like a drum! The room was in complete disarray, it really looked like a tornado hit! I said to Mike, "GET IN HERE! (Trying NOT to LAUGH) Did you come and get him out?" He laughed-at Parker's creative escape" (Parker has a door on his crib and it wasn't latched apparently last night.) So, this morning when he was singing away and dancing, the door opened and he happily hopped out!
A First for everything for sure! One of the moments I probably would have captured on my camera....but it is still "at the Hospital!"
Tonight the door will be locked on Parkers crib and come January, we will have a new President that we must all be praying for!

Jenn :)
Proverbs 3:5-6

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Win a Parlee Pocket

We have a Parlee Pocket to give away!

Check out the website to the Left to see how you can win it!

Today is Novemeber, 4th (Election Day) so make sure you get out there and vote!
I was able to take advantage of early voting last week! I stood in line for almost 2 hours, but got it over with! I hear there is like NO lines at all today!
AHHHH!-Oh well!
Let us know what you think of the new Parlee Pocket we are giving away!

Jenn :)

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Winne the "Parker" and Friends

Parker-roo was "Winne the Pooh" or as Mike likes to say..."Winne the Parker!"

I wasn't able to get the DVD finalized, so I can't show the video of Parker walking. Hopefully the new one I put in, I will get some footage.

In the meantime here is 1 photo of Halloween night of Parker and (his friends) all the mommy's planned this (obviously!)
My good friend Samantha has ALL the photos of the day. So when she sends them, I will post them!I really miss my camera and I will be happy to get it back! But, thanks to great friends for taking so many photos!

In this Photo:Kayleigh's mom took this one, (Kayleigh is the Lobster, Marlee ="honeypot", Parker= Pooh, Courtney (my friends Samantha's niece)=Piglet, and our friend Shawna's little boy, Luke=Piglet)
It was so funny to see them all look at each other, when we were taking their pictures.
We went to our church for Fall Festival and then came back and had some chili!
It was fun 2nd halloween for Parker...(he was more into this year vs. last year!)

Now that Halloween is officially behind's time for the Holidays to begin!
YEAH (so much to still do)

Jenn :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


As I stated in my last post...the camera is sick and at the hospital getting fixed!
But, I do have the lovely Camcorder and made good use of it the other day!
Forgot to put my memory card (for photos) -but I will have iti in this weekend.
Anyway-I captured Parker, "walking" behind his Buddybug the other day!
He LOVES to hear it play music.
About 2 weeks ago, he wouldn't walk with it,unless we were behind him!
All of a sudden he is taken a deep interest!
Maybe he will take his first steps on Friday-when he sees Papa!
My dad is flying through ATL airport and we are going to go visit him for lunch! He has almost a 2 hour layover and we will MAKE the time for sure!
I always jump to any opportunity I can get to visit with my family!
I will post the video once I figure out how to plug it in the to computer...urr ....frustrated and going to bed!

Jenn :-)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Parlee Pockets

Samantha and I officially have started selling our new craft...Perky pockets...that we now officially call "Parlee Pockets" named after our 2 kids!
We have a website and blog....
Check them out and tell us what you think!
We will be giving one away really soon so keep checking out the site to see how you can get one!

Jenn :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

My first encounter with Mike's CFO

Mike really wanted me to blog about my laugh of the week!
Actually, I call it my first encounter with one of the GE -CFO's!
On Tuesday, Mike forwarded an email to me.
He was telling me that he will be going to a Hockey game next Thursday with his finance team. He was just checking to make sure that there were not any conflicts.
(The FWD came from Jason his CFO;so Mike just fwd it on to me)
I only saw Mike's name.
I hit reply and (only see that it is going to Mike).
Here is what I said :
(thinking the email went to Mike)
Just make sure I get Sunday to myself ....since you are playing ALL day Saturday in a tournament.
Or -just do me a favor and MOP my kitchen floor.
I realllllllly do not want to do it today!
It is SO sticky and dirty.
Jenn :)

In 10 Minutes here is the email back
(Not from Mike- but the CFO) :

Jenn, although we haven't met I will sign Mike up for whatever you have on the honey do list....Mike I want to see that kitchen floor spotless...I want to see pics...thx, Jason!

Yup- I was shocked!I was rejoicing that I didn't have anything negative about the company or none the less-something personal to Mike!

Hope this makes you laugh as much as we did!

I will be looking forward to eventually meeting Jason...and sharing a photo of the clean floor!

Jenn :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumpkin Patch with Kayleigh and MOPS group

Here is a cute video of Parker& Kayleigh at the pumpkin patch (below)! I took the two of them with my MOPS group Monday.

They had a great time and they each loved riding on the tractor for the first time !

Parker& Kayleigh were so excited to see the little and BIG orange "balls" (aka-pumpkins)!

It is getting to be a blast to go out more often with the 2 of is hilarious (when I am out with them...I stay home mostly though these 2 days) the questions I get! "Are they twins? How old are your babies? Are they related?... I smile and say they are friends and I babysit her.

Parker is officially 14 months old and FYI-still has NO interest in walking! But he is starting to walk behind some of his little bikes. We are working on it, but not rushing it either. We figure he will be walking for the rest of his life-and when he is ready he will let us know! He loves to walk around things and stand all the time.
His favorites are still about the same, but we do have a few new words:
Ball- "Where's da ball?" (when he cries he says "Ball" over and over again. It is funny!)
Yites (light)
Ju (juice)
He recognizes the sound of the planes that fly over our house (we live close to a small airport & also Dobbins Airforce Base) so we get planes flying over frequently. He Stops at whatever he is doing to listen and acknowledge the Plane! It is so cute.
Still can't say "Plane" yet-but he knows what it is.
He loves to eat Mac & Cheese and hotdogs. He would eat it everyday if I let him.
He has gotten better to let me give him some spoon fed food!
He goes in next month for his 15 mth checkup and I am guessing he is about 23-24 lbs!
We will see. The boy has NO waist & long legs so it is interesting to fit clothes on him!

FYI- My camera broke 1/2 way into the visit. Thankfully I am under a 1 year waranty. I have only had it for 6 months-so I have to send it back to get repaired. We will manage without for now! AND NO I DID NOT BREAK IT to all my family and friends who love teasing me about my electronics. I had it in the case pulled it out, turned it on and it wouldn't stay on. The lens constantly turns on and off! I have an Olympus FE 320 (I love it)! It is nice and small, and takes great photos for the size of camera that it is. I will be happy to get it back and take photos again. In the meantime we have to use our camcorder.

Enjoy this cute video-

FYI (in this video)*Parker is just chilling in the middle of the patch. Kayleigh is trying to figure out what to do with these "orange" things.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Google Game

I saw this done recently so I thought I would do it!
Here are the rules:
1. For each question, look up the answer in a Google Image search.

2 Then choose one of the first 3 images.

3. You get some fun and often cryptic answers.

Have fun learning more about me in a visual way!
(At the end of this post I am flagging some of my close friends to do it!)

My Age

Town where I was born

My current hometown

First job

My addiction or (bad habit)

First name

Maternal Grandma's Name

My husband's nickname...( LOL)

My Favoirite Color

My Degree

A past pet

Favorite Animal

Place I want to visit

Favorite place growing up

Favorite Celebrity

Favorite Restaurant

Favorite food

 there you have it! Some fun facts about me!

Now I tag: (some of my most often blogging friends)









If you want to know how to do it fast and quickly go to:

  • do all your searches

  • save as a file

  • then post them into your blog!

Can't wait to see all of yours!

Jenn :)