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Monday, August 03, 2009

Hunter's Baby Shower

Mike and I hosted a couples baby shower this past weekend with 2 other couples. We held the shower at the home of the parents to be,Rich and Julie! They are expecting their first baby boy,Hunter the middle of September! This shower was with all of Mike's PWC friends and their significant other! Mike and Julie worked at PWC in Syracuse, then Julie and Rich moved down here 2 years after we did!
We really enjoyed hosting the shower with some of our other PWC/Syracuse friends! Always so fun to cater to the new parents! Looks like Hunter's can come now that they have all the important necessities...well Julie wants him to wait till September though!
Julie decorated Hunter's room from the Pottery Barn Chase Baby turned out awesome! Hunter's room really does look just like the catalog! (Julie always does Top-Notch with her decorating!)

We had a full course meal, 30 guests, great games and that brought on some awesome entertainment!
(Some of the photos are interesting to look at...but you can tell we were playing some games!)

I was in charge of the invitations, ordering the cake and games ; we all split up the food responsibilities! What Julie did not tell me, was that 5 of her friends attending the shower were expecting babies too! It was hilarious to see the look on some of the "non-pregnant" ladies walking around! They all kept saying "Don't drink the water!" HAHA! So for the memory we got a photo of the pregnant mommies! Julie's baby is due first, then the rest all follow within weeks of each other. Our little sweet pea is last to arrive! The picture is hilarious as you look at the size of the bellies-raging in (almost 8 months down to me at 4 months!) Oh-and all 4 of the girls in front of me are having a BOY (September -November!) SO, that makes me think we are having a Boy too! But, then again we are having a 2010 Baby (and they are all 2009 Fall & Winter Babies)...oh the mystery continues till sweet pea's delivery day!!

From Left to Right: Me (4 months pregnant-due Jan. 20), Forgot girl next to me name: (6 months-due Nov.12), Amanda (6 months-due Nov 3), Sarah (7 months-due Oct, 6), Julie (almost 8 months-due Sept. 22)

Can't believe that August is really here!
Our boy will be 2 in 3 weeks-let the parties begin!!