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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Playtime, Parties and Playdates!

WOW! May has arrived and here we are-almost half way through the year!
I am in shock how busy life is with two kids, crazy life gets with two kids, tiring life is with two kids...but ALL worth it! I commend my own mother who was a mommy x 4! AND, I commend all my friends who have more then 2 kids! It is a calling in deed to be a stay at home mom. I am so thankful for the circle of friends and my MOPs groups that have been so encouraging. Of course, my strength comes from the Lord, and I remind myself DAILY that no day is ever the same; and God does not give us more then we can handle! I can get so caught up in the small things and forget to focus in on the joys and milestones with the boys. I am SO thankful for a supportive husband who does not care if I don't have dinner on each night, or he has to search through the unfolded laundry basket! You know when you have to find that matching sock! Too often  I just don't get to those clothes since one of the boys needed my attention! So, needless to say....I am learning to take life as it comes each day and do what needs my attention the most! Both of the boys are currently down for a nap (and I am SO grateful that they BOTH are great sleepers). I better reflect back on the past 3 weeks while I have the few moments to myself (and NO I am not giving attention to that Laundry!! :) LOL)
Parker had a great end to his MMO program. We were sad to see the year come to an end, but so blessed to have been a part of the program. Another sad ending was Soccer. Parker LOVED playing on Sporties for Shorties and we are on a waiting list for Tee-Ball! We hope he gets in :).

 Mother's Day weekend was refreshing and a blessing for me. We went out to dinner on TH night with BOTH of the boys and they were great! I have wanted to get to Olive Garden for a long time and we finally made it. Mike, Parker and Kaden all treated me to an upcoming visit to the spa (and I will be heading there is June! I can't wait).

        (Mother's Day Morning-2010)

Saturday, Parker was invited to his friend, Reese's 3rd Birthday. He LOVES Reese and she is his church friend! Reese's mom and dad are good friends of ours and they are in our small group at church. So, the party was a cook out for the small group friends and Reese's family! We had a blast (and even we mommies got a little carried away on the jumpies at the end!) Parker LOVED all the Thomas decorations, but his real thrill was daddy, jumping most of the night with him in the jumpy!

(Chasing a Chicken at Reese's was FUNNY!)
The next week, Parker had another birthday party to attend! This one was for his preschool friend, Boone! Boone's party was at Gymboree and Parker LOVED it! Kayleigh Bugg and Caroline were there and Parker loved all the time bonding with her (or the balls). Parker enjoyed it so much, Mike and I decided to host Parker's 3rd Birthday there, this coming August. I am thrilled that I won't have to do any work (but bring in the food) and most of all ~it's in our price range!!! YEAH!

(Somebody LOVED that Thomas Icing so one end and out the other....the next day!)

The Middle of April, we attended Marlee's 2nd Birthday! Parker enjoyed the time at the Park (that is an understatement)and some sweet friends and the YUMMY Elmo Cake!

 Today we had play date with Miss Charlotte, Miss Marlee and Miss Sailor! We love having our sweet friends over and "sweet treats" too!

                     So, there are only 12 days left in the month and we still have a few events to attend, a holiday to enjoy and another anniversary for Mike and I to celebrate.
 Oh the down days at home are so enjoyable and needed at times. Yet, we are thrilled for summer to arrive!  I can't wait to see Kaden's reaction to the pool for the first time! We are getting excited for Nini, And Papa (Mike's Parents) to arrive the end of June. Mommy and Daddy can't wait for their first get away too since Baby Kaden's arrival! We will be going to Downtown ATL to see Phantom of the Opera and stay over night for our 8th Anniversary! Simple, sweet and so needed!

Until next's to another great month in The Riese's Pieces Household!