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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Parker's First July 4th

Parker had a nice normal day and didn't even know it was his first 4th of July!

To young to go out and see Fireworks, but happy and content to just be himself.

Here are a couple photos of him meeting us for Lunch (after the Race)-Aunt Yvette brought him to the restaurant to meet us.

We had a nice resting day (and he took a nice long nap for us too) as we tried to recover from our race.

We chased Parker around (litterally) & ate sausages,chips and watermelon.

I have a video (that I have tried to load 3 times... but won't upload!) I posted it on Facebook for all my Facebook friends and there you can see Parker's latest crawiling adventures.

Fireworks were heard all night but we settled in bed by 10 PM.

We were content and happy to be home celebrating as a family.

We hope you all had a nice 4th of July!


Jenn, Mike & Parker

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Peachtree we come!

Mike and I will be running/walking the Peachtree Race tomorrow, bright and early!
We wouldn't be able to do it together, if it were not for Aunt Yvette! She will be watching Parker while we run the race.
I have been training for 5 months and will be able to run a good 3 miles. Mike just pulled a hamstring in Softball this week, so he won't be running much! If you do not have running times from previous races-you automatically go into the walk/run cateogory or get in the groups 3-9!
We are doing the race with 6 other friends-so we will see who we end up with at the end!
I will post our experiece and photos after the event!
Looking forward to the experience and eating some yummy pasta tonight!
(A must before a 10k!)

We wish all of you a Happy 4th of July!
Jenn, Mike & Parker


WE DID IT! It was an amazing experience, and I am so glad that I pursued this challenge and completeted it! There are no words to express the feeling when you look up and see the letters: FINISH! (Knowing all that we had just done and personally never doing it before was a moment I will always remember!)

I ran the race with my friend Samantha and we walked about 2 miles of it -broken up and ran the other 4.3! Mike walked the whole race and enjoyed his time with his IPOD! It would have been fun to run it with him (but injury wouldn't alllow) so he had me go on and aim for this goal that I wanted to reach!
Now that the race is behind me, that wonderful Mother's Day Spa Gift Certificate is calling for some needed attention!
I will make use of a SO needed massage today!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

6 Year Anniversary

Today we celebrate 6 years of marriage!

What a joy it has been to be married to you, Mike! I love you and consider it a real honor, joy and privilege to be married to YOU! Thank you for being a godly, fun-loving, energetic, & most of all lovable man! You have been an incredible friend, husband and father! I have cherished the last 6 years of marriage and can't believe that we have been together almost 10 years!

Tonight we got out to dinner at Maggiano's Italian Restaurant! (One of my favorites)~The dinner was a real treat since it was just the 2 of us! We had a great time reminiscing over some of most memorable moments! Special thanks to Scott and Audrey ( some of our PWC friends )for watching Parker while we had a nice dinner ALONE!
Such a gift that we that we are parents!

I look forward to 40 + more years with you!