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Friday, September 04, 2009

Sweet Pea's 20 week appointment

(Sweet pea with eyes closed and hand near face)
(Sweet pea with its right eye open)

I was a very good "wife/girl" today! Today, we had the long awaited 20 week sonogram.
(The popular visit that allows you to find out the gender of your baby!)
I did not give in to my tempting urge to know the sex of baby 2! As you all know, Mike, (MORE then me) did not want to find out the gender of the baby! It was very hard, but some good friends who have waited encouraged me not to find out- and I did it for Mike's wishes too! I LOVE you Mike!
So, we got to see the baby and looked away at the moment! "Sweet pea" is healthy and measuring 1 week earlier then expected. We are very thankful for the good report today. Long arms, legs and nice big belly. (Hmmm?-Must be all those donuts and sweets I have enjoyed!)
Beating heart during the sonogram was 144 beats per min./ Beating Heart when I saw my Dr. was 162! So, guess what you want....we will tell you on delivery day! Place your vote on our poll (off to the right side of our blog).
So happy the journey is 1/2 way over...Now for the Holidays to arrive (YIKES... so much to do between now and then) But so excited for January to come!

We can't wait to meet you little "Sweet Pea!"
YEAH! :)

Monday, August 31, 2009

Party Photos & New Beginnings

This past Saturday, we had a party with friends for Parker's 2nd birthday.
It was a combination of Elmo & Sports theme! The kids had a blast with Parker's new birthday present from Aunt LaLa & Uncle Rick, a water table! It was the perfect present for a 90-degree day! We also had a blow up jumper for them to play in as well! I was a little carried away with the goody bags for the kids. A week before the party I woke up at four am (my usual pregnancy potty time) and thought of Elmo Goody bags! (I was actually thrilled with how they turned out :) The real test passed when Parker ran to the bag saying "Elmo!" I had a friend from my M.O.P's group make Elmo cupcakes and the kids loved them but I think all of us adults loved them even more :) (Parker clapping when all were singing to him... it was SO cute!) We were so appreciative of all the friends that came out for Parker's birthday and of course he was blessed with too many toys ~but I am sure they will entertain for quite awhile. In addition, I put some away to bring out later :)! Thank you to all who came out to help us celebrate another year!
This coming Wednesday, Parker begins 2-year Pre-school, 2 days a week! It is called Mom's Morning Out and the title speaks volumes. As a stay at home mom, I cherish every moment with him. However, Mike and I also believe that he needs some good socialization. Therefore, our church offers M.M.O at a very reasonable price! I am thrilled that we will have Parker in this program, especially since we have a baby on the way. It might actually allow me some "down-time or bonding" just with sweet pea. He starts this Wednesday and Kayleigh will be in the same class-YEAH! They will go on Mon/Wed. I took him in last week to meet his teachers, Ms. Kathy and Ms. Melissa -he loved all the toys but was more reserved on speaking with them. I know he will love them and we are thrilled with the program and all that he will be learning; shapes, colors, numbers and most of all Biblical Integration throughout the program!
Every other Tuesday we will be at M.O.P.s-so, we pretty much have a schedule M-Wed each week! I am excited to start back up with M.O.P.s tomorrow! It is so refreshing to be amongst other mom's who can connect and share so many things that I am currently experiencing as well!
I must not forget to mention that we have a big ending to our week! We have our 20-week OB appointment with Sweet pea on Friday morning! It is also the big sonogram. I am sure you are wondering if we are we going to find out the sex. Well we are going to pass! Actually, I am currently hearing more and more couples opting NOT to find out the gender of their upcoming babies too and it makes me smile. There are not too many surprises in life. It really makes me anxious for January to arrive so I can hold our new little baby! I have added a poll off to the side of our blog for all of you faithful blog friends-tell us what you predict sweet pea is! We will share the big news on delivery day! Most of all, we covet your prayers for a healthy pregnancy the remaining 4 months & a healthy baby boy or girl!

Hats off to new beginnings,
Jenn :)