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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

17 Months

Parker is 17 Months Old!

I have made 2 slide shows of some exciting things we have done in the last few weeks. Amazing how busy we have been!

Parker is still being really picky with his vegetables. So, I am trying to sneek them in his food!Mike got me the cookbook Deceptively Delicious for Christmas and I am trying some new recipes from time to time!
He is almost 28 lbs and despite the interest in many "healthy" foods-he is growing like a weed! Still loves his Milk!

He is fascinated by Pop-Up Books and I am sure it is all to do with "Open/close" Which he LOVES to do around the house -and making me nerveous that he will one day LOCK me out!!!
It is still really cold here. Making it hard to explain to a 1 & 1/2 year old "NO" to go outside with Abbey! He throws tempur tantrums when we pull him indoors! It is pay back time now!-I was notorious for throwing fits when I was his age!! :( Well -we are ignoring him and removing him from his frustrations ,He is still to young to understand "time-out" BUT we are trying it! I am amazed how different boys/ girls are! Being an educator, I know that there are gaps in some areas with boys/girls! Kayleigh definitely can reason with me, go in time out and gets so many of my commands! They are 3 weeks apart and in some ways- a few months apart! Amazing that NO seems to be one word-they all understand so young! Thankfully, Mike and I agree on the same discipline plan and hopefully Parker will soon understand that we are in control-NOT HIM!

I think the 2 back molars are finally in! He sleeps GREAT at night-but the weekend days were SO LONG! I am SO happy that he got over it now-and hopefully he won't have any major events on the cruise!! Fingers crossed!

Mike flys out this Sunday for Canada. (sigh :( Which will make my days long!
Please pray that they go by fast! I am looking forward to Tuesday, when our sitter, Hannah will take Parker for a few hours so I can get some packing done and have some ALONE time! Mike will return at 8 PM Wednesday and then we will be leaving , hopefully by nap time (noon) on Thursday to meet up with my family in Orlando ! The cruise departs on Sunday, 2/1! We are going to Nassau, Bahamas and on a 26 degree day like today ~WE CAN'T WAIT!

Enjoy the slide shows!
Jenn :)

Slide show 1 :

Parker's friend, "Courtney's" Birthday Party~ (My friend Samantha's Niece)
& Fun with Kayleigh (I took them to an in-door playplace.)

I am working on Slide Show 2 and I will post it shortly! It is of Parker's first visit to Charlotte, NC (Our visit w/ Mike's college roommate)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I thought we lived in Georgia NOT New York !!

YUP, we are freezing too! We have had COLD weather only in the 20's! It really has made us sympathetic to our families (in MI & Upstate NY!) Also, reminding us WHY we left Upstate NY 4 years ago! This is the coldest it has been in 5 years! We hear it is only supposed to last a few days! BUT-we have had enough of it!
This weather is making us SO ancy for our Disney cruise in just 2 weeks TODAY! (Sorry-I know you all want to go with us. We have not been on a cruise since our Honeymoon...and this is a really needed vacation!) Mike and I ALWAYS "vacation" to NY or MI so we really are looking forward to it!

UPDATE: I have a ton of photos to upload, but we are away for the weekend.
We came to Charlotte, NC to see Mike's college roommate, Chris and his family!
Chris & Meghan just had their first baby, Emma in August! So, we had to bring Parker to meet her before she turns 1! SHE IS ADORABLE and reminds us of where we were 1 year ago! (Parker and Emma are 1 year and 6 days apart!)
It is AMAZING how fast they grow and how irritable they get too!

Parker- Will officially be 17 months on Tuesday! His favorite words are still Ball, Abbey & Plane! Yet, he is putting them into phrases and amazing us each day with his words! Walking proudly and getting into mischief constantly....but I can't complain! So, nice not to have to carry him everywhere. And-once again, Parker is cutting 2 more molars! The top back 2! Bless his heart....for being away from home, his bed & surroundings he is being a great trooper. I just have to keep my eye on the clock and keep ahead of the Motrin wearing off!

Mike has 5 big upcoming trips for work! His first is just around the corner. Next Sunday he will be flying out to Toronto for 4 days! Thankfully, he will be home late Wed! We leave Thursday for Orlando! Feb-May he will be gone for 1 week each month! He is headed to Brazil, Indiana, Mexico, & Malaysia! I will be going to see family and my best friend, Joy during some of these trips. Definitely can't be home for 7 days with no family and help while he is gone!
I am back into the routine of going to the Y, back on Weight Watchers (still have a good 15 left over from Pregnancy) that I want to drop before we have another child! I am Also hoping to get back into another Bible Study at our church!
I can't wait for our weather to warm up so Parker can get back outside and ride his wagon! In the meantime it is indoors!
We hope you all are staying warm!
Jenn :)