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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Creative Valentine Mailbox

(Purple Tulips from Mike!)

Happy Valentines Day!
(A couple days late!)

My class had to make Valentines Mailboxes with the mailbox provided. They had 4 categories they could choose from.One of my girls got very creative and won the "Most Funny" category...for creating Baby Riese!
Here is the mailbox... (My face cut out on the front and none other then a paci! Yes!It is a torn a part baby doll to look like the funniest baby mailbox! The class really got a kick out of it!)
She happily let me keep it! Hmm, it will be a story to tell Baby Riese one day!
So, Mike and I had great plans for the night! (Since it might be one of our last opportunities to just go do something for Valentines night with out being tied down!!!) It was suppose to be a fun night of dinner out and a movie-but God had other plans. I got a flat tire on the way to go see Mike! Fortunately it was in the neighborhood, so I pulled over in the culdesac closest to me and called him! Of course, I was crying that I had ruined our night. We ended up having dinner at a nice Italian restaurant nearby! We liked the place and we will have to go back again.
Well I am off to go get some things done for the weekend.
Blessings to all,