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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Google Game

I saw this done recently so I thought I would do it!
Here are the rules:
1. For each question, look up the answer in a Google Image search.

2 Then choose one of the first 3 images.

3. You get some fun and often cryptic answers.

Have fun learning more about me in a visual way!
(At the end of this post I am flagging some of my close friends to do it!)

My Age

Town where I was born

My current hometown

First job

My addiction or (bad habit)

First name

Maternal Grandma's Name

My husband's nickname...( LOL)

My Favoirite Color

My Degree

A past pet

Favorite Animal

Place I want to visit

Favorite place growing up

Favorite Celebrity

Favorite Restaurant

Favorite food

 there you have it! Some fun facts about me!

Now I tag: (some of my most often blogging friends)









If you want to know how to do it fast and quickly go to:

  • do all your searches

  • save as a file

  • then post them into your blog!

Can't wait to see all of yours!

Jenn :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oficially a member of the "30+"club!

Happy Birthday Mom! (DO I need to say anything more?)

Eating a free Canolli @ Ippolitoes

I had a great birthday on Tuesday and I appreciate all the cards, notes on facebook and calls from so many of you! My email was flooded with notes and it was uplifting!

Looking back over the last year has been a treasure!
God has blessed me with so much and I could not ask for a better husband or son. Now, I am officially into the "30's" club and establishing the family. Someone said to me recently, that the "30's are the new 20's!" Hmm, I was still trying to figure out what God had in store for me then! I really don't want to be back in my 20's! I am excited to continue this journey and hopefully expand our family and complete it before the big 4-0 ! It is hard to believe that I was a brand-new mom for my 30th birthday, and 1 year later, seems like Parker has been with us forever.
Mike, & Parker took me out to dinner at Ippolitoes (one of my favorite Italian restaurants).
We had a great time eating their good 'ol garlic rolls and then did a little shopping!

Thanks for a sweet day Mike (& Parker)
I look forward to seeing what the new year will hold.

Jenn :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Birthday Celebration

Friends who might just look like "sisters!"
(having chocolate fondue at the Melting Pot with the Hoeyes)
(posing with my "comedian" husband-we were just wired from all the chocolate)
It is almost that time of year again! Yes, another birthday and I stop counting after 30! Haha

Last night Mike and I got out to a movie and then the Melting Pot with our good friends and neighbors Rick & Lorelei! Lorelei is one of my closest friends and like a sister to me! I love spending time with her and Mike and Rick get along great, they love their Sports. Lorelei and Rick are a great "Aunt & Uncle" to Parker! They are usually our first pick to watch Parker at a moments notice/ or when we need a "date"...but we have to have some fun too with them! So, a special thanks to my good friend, Yvette for watching Parker! She is one of my teaching friends and also another awesome "Aunt!"

I LOVE Chocolate and I was convinced that The Melting Pot would be healthier then some cake! It was fabulous! We got a Dark Chocolate & Peanut butter dip & we also got a Turtle dip.

I am too blessed to have all that God has given me the past 31 years (yup-almost 31); godly parents, 3 wonderful sisters, godly in-laws, in-law brothers and sisters and of course my great friends, Lorelei, Joy, Samantha, Liz and Yvette! Of course I did not leave out the most wonderful man and friend in my life: Michael! I am so happy to be married to this true man of God ,wonderful husband and father. He has been my rock and my best supporter the last 9 years (married 6 1/2 and dated the rest...can't believe how long we've been together)! Each Birthday and Anniversary, makes me feel more loved and blessed by you ! I will be honest that there have been some really tough times, but you have been through it all with me and have loved me no matter what "mood" I have been in! Thank you for loving me and being the man you are to me (which is usually one of these roles); friend, daddy to Parker, my CFO (LOL), love of my life, & best friend!

Thanks again to 2 other great friends, Rick, Lorelei for a fun night of celebration!

Jenn :)