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Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Blue Tailed Skink (AKA) Abbey's Friend!

Hello ( I am writing on behalf of Abbey!)
Abbey was in her glory on Friday afternoon!
Everyday, when I arrive home she anxiously awaits for her friend "Blue" *A bluetailed skink to come out of his little home and she wants to go chase him!Abbey annoys me like (7-8 times), some days, to go out-and chase "Blue" ! She got out Friday and she actually caught him! She caught him with her paw...HE DIED from wounds in his side! (*Poor little guy!)She was happy and I told her he died...but she just wagged her tail! I must say that there are plenty more still living in the back yard, for her to chase! It is amazing what kinds of creatures will excite your dog-squirrles, other dogs, rabbits...but this little critter is her all time favorite!
We just got back from TN! We went up and spent the weekend with Joy and David! It was an adventurous weekend with Joy-getting ready for the upcoming wedding! I love you Joy,and I know all the plans will come together-perfectly!
Next weekend we will be in Charlotte,NC (for the nice long weekend!)Mike is headed to the Syracuse/WakeForest Football game-with his NY buddies (who live done here too!) We are meeting up with Chris (Mike's roommate from SU) & Meghan (his wife)- who live in Charlotte. I will be hanging out with Meghan, while Mike and Chris go on to the game! Looking forward to a fun weekend...again! (We will be staying put for a few weekends after Labor-day!
Can't believe that September is almost here!
Blessings to all,
Jennifer,Mike and "Happy"-Abbey!