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Friday, September 10, 2010

8 Months old

 Kaden is 8 and 1/2 months old and looks like a big boy with 4 teeth! We were swamped the end of Aug. with a shower for Aunt LaLa and enjoying NeNe's visit, so I am just now getting back to "life" and keeping our blog world/family updated.

Kaden is ready to crawl and trying to figure out how to move his hands with his rocking body. He gets up and in position, rocks back and forth and then down; and then back up and gets the legs to move backwards but he still has not figured out how to move forward.

Here is the most recent video of him crawling and me talking away to him (I hate listening to myself...urr)!

He is still trying to get the crawling down but he has the food part all figured out! Kaden has made it very clear that he would prefer table food (nibblers) over pureed baby food. When NeNe was feeding him dinner a couple of weeks ago, she gave him a cracker. When she took the cracker away to feed him "dinner" he screamed and had a tantrum and would not eat the food. As soon as she gave him the cracker back, he stopped crying instantaneously! “Yup,strong willed and knows what he wants in deed, he must get that from his father!”

Our scale broke but I think he is 24 or 25 pounds. He is just a big cuddle of love and has officially outgrown the infant seat. {sigh}The infant seat goes up to 30 pounds, but he is very long and the feet hanging out was a clear indication that it was time for Parker's Britax toddler seat. So, we got Parker a new seat for his birthday and Kaden got "promoted" to the next level. Kaden loves the car seat and Parker LOVES his Graco Nautilus-especially the personal cup holder.

  Kaden's getting more and more character and still giggles and lights up when Parker is around.

We are rejoicing each day for our sweet Baby Kaden.
We are so grateful for his health and happy little heart.
Happy 8 Months, Baby Kaden :)