How Many Have Visited....

Thursday, September 06, 2007

2 weeks old and growing strong!

Parker is 2 weeks old and doing great!
(Daddy was watching Parker on Tuesday mommy could go play Bunko!)
(Photo of his first bath with Grandma Riese!)

Parker is now 8lbs and 10 oz!
His Pediatrician was thrilled with his weight gain and I am glad to know that he is doing so well with the breastfeeding.
He latched right on and it has been so great for me too! I only have 7 more pounds to go and all my pregnancy weight will be off! ( It is the toning of the body and getting it back in shape that is interesting.) It is true that the "baby fat" all goes to other places! I am thrilled to have Parker and he was worth it all!
We are still doing well with the nights. He does almost 4 hours stretches and is very content.
Grandma Riese made him fall in love with the bath! (The photo of his first bath does not show this to be true!)...He was not sure what to think!...He doesn't cry anymore!!! He gets one every other day! I would give him one every day, but his Dr. said every other day for now!
Today is a big day for Parker...he will get to meet Grandma and Grandpa Clark! My parents are flying in tonight and staying for 10 days! We are looking forward to the visit! I know we will do some fun projects (hopefully new tile floor in the masterbath installed by Grandpa Clark) and get in some trips to special places and maybe a little shopping too!
I still do not miss teaching...Parker is keeping me busy!!! I miss my co-workers but they have been great about staying in touch and visiting! In the meantime I stay busy getting stuff done when he is sleeping!
More photos to come once Grandma and Grandpa Clark arrive!