How Many Have Visited....

Friday, April 28, 2006

Finally here!

My sisters, Niece and Nephew are all here-safe and sound!
What a huge suprise it was when Julie saw Jolyn!
She just sighed and said-"AHH-JOLYN IS HERE?!?!" Then she just sobbed!!!
We really got her good! It was fun to pull it off! Then we all stood there and admired baby Josh and then moved to admire Jolyn's pregnant belly- Little Sam!~
Mike just stood back in complete awe of 4 sisters and the connection going on!
(In the meantime Gracie was enamored with "Aunt Juey's" Chapstick!!)
Had a simple night of eating PaPa John's Pizza- they messed up the order so we got it for 1/2 off!! Grace was in her glory swimming tonight in Aunt Nenny's Garden tub and we all took turns cuddling baby Josh! He is on his 5th diaper since being here! Poor little guy has a sore bottom!! He is an absolutely precious baby!
I am very thankful to my coworker June who traded cars with me for the next 4 days...she loaned me their 7 passenger mini van and we all fit perfectly!!
Looking forward to much more adventure...Mike is on his way home from a softball game and I am headed to bed.
Long day today, but priceless being with my sisters!
Blessings to all~

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sisters' Weekend!

I am so excited..
My sisters are coming to spend a long weekend with me!

(Friday-Tuesday) I took my last personal day for Monday, May 1st. I had hopes of spending the day with Mike, but he unfortunately was not able to get the day off.
So, I emailed my sisters and asked (jokingly) if they wanted to come and bond for the weekend. They are coming!!! They got great flights~(considering that it was only a 10 day in advance booking) and the best part yet....I get to meet my new nephew, Joshua (J.J) Jodi is bringing both kids-Thanks to some help from Julie- AKA- "Aunt Dewy"
I think most of the weekend will revolve around the life of my precious niece Grace and what she thinks seems appealing at the moment. We might just ger in to take her 2 year old pictures and visit the Atlanta Zoo! I know we will celebrate her 2 year old birthday, thanks to a special bakery that I won a gift certificate too, along with some other restaurants! (I won a basket of gift certificates at our Spring Fling!) There is a neighborhood Garage sale this weekend here in Chandler Ridge...We might find a few things to sell! But might have more fun shopping for Baby Josh. Lots of little kids in this neighborhood. We will see how it all unfolds. I do hope to get in a pedicure with my sisters, maybe Uncle Mike will enjoy Nap time (with the kids) on Sunday and let us all get away!! Mike babysit alone~??!! I had to take 5 extra hours off of work (to get all back to airport) but it is all worth it to be with my my sisters! Family First...over work!
Off to go get baby diapers for this weekend and go work out at gym.
Blessings to all,
I will post pictures when they arrive here from MI.