How Many Have Visited....

Friday, April 18, 2008

Parker's 8 Month Photos

Look Who's 8 Months Old (on Sunday 4/20)!

We had a great time with Grammy & Big Poppy Riese! Unfortunately all good things must come to an end...and today we said goodbye. They are headed back home to NY (and stopping to see Brian and Courntney this weekend!)

Here are Parker's 8 month photos that we had taken, while Grammy & Big Poppy were here! He is changing more and more each month!
He loves to say "Da-da" , "Boo"- (We think for "book"), "na-na-na" (when he is teething), and the other day we think we heard "HI!" Does it surprise any of you that we have an expressive child?! Hmm-I wonder whom he takes after?

We will post the big photo album of our adventures with Grammy and Big Poppy soon!
We are getting ready for Mike's softball game and I am running behind-but had to get this post out!

Blessing to all of you!