How Many Have Visited....

Our Family Story

I am Jennifer (the main blogger) who is an energetic, outgoing daughter of the King, sister, wife, friend and best of all~ mommy! I find it a great joy to have MANY of these roles. Yet, the one role I find the least I deserve is being a child of God! I come from a family of 4 girls and grew up in a girls world!                     
But I soon met Mike....

                   (An- energetic, outgoing, personable, free-spirted (except for the finances),  frugal,fun loving guy, son of God and awesome husband and daddy! )

Mike and I actually met the summer of 1999 at Camp BaYouCa (in Upstate NY). He chased after me but  I was sure he was a perfect fit for one of my younger sisters! Well guess who proved me wrong? He won! We fell in love the end of the summer and we dated for 2 and 1/2 years! He had a lot to teach me about guys and he knew alot coming from a family of 3 boys!

 I started teaching the fall of 2000 near Mike's University in Upstate NY, at a private school! We were engaged on Aug.18th 2001, and married  on June 29, 2002!

We were married for 2 years and moved to GA with Mike's job in Public Accounting!
 In the midst of our move we agreed that we would wait at least 5 years before we had kids!
We purchased our first home in June of 2005.
 Once we moved into the home, Mike then focused on completing his CPA, and continued working in Public Accounting.
After 2 years of living in our 4 bedroom home and only using about 40% of it, we decided to expand the family. However, the time to fill the house took us awhile.
 We are grateful to God that we only had to wait about 8 months for our first little blessing, but it was a very LONG 8 months of waiting for this little miracle....

On Aug 20, 2007
God blessed us with:
 Parker Wilson Clark Riese
8lbs 20 inches

He is: our red head-sweet-temper mental-energetic-happy-loving-sporty ...almost 3 year old!
Who is growing daily and is a great Big Brother

to our second blessing
(who God gave us the first month we were ready)

and our little "Sweet Pea" (whom we kept a surprise till birth):

Kaden Mikah Ramsey Riese
December 28,2009
7lbs 6oz

Our Tax Deduction in deed!
Who arrived 3 weeks early

He is our Cuddly,strong willed, demanding, sweet smiling, overcoming reflux, chunk of love, almost 6 month old and we are thrilled to have as a part of our family!

So-we are a growing family of BOYS dominating the house!
But it sure makes mommy happy to have so much love from her sweet boys!

We must not forget one more sweet member of our house...

Miss Abbey
 (Our first love-Our West Highland Terrier)
(Who has been with us for 7years!)

 Life has been full, fun and even trying for us. But we have stuck together as we walked the rough roads and held onto each other! Our foundation is the Lord and we are grateful for the strong families that we each come from!
We have fallen in love more and more each day and through each obstacle we have conquered because of our commitment to God and each other! 
We are in the midst of conquering our biggest obstacle-Debt! 

We want to be Debt free by 2012! We know that God will bring us through if we continue to stick to our plan! Follow us as we post about our journey with a house of boys, our marriage and financial journeys!

                                                                II Samuel 12:24 -
But be sure to Fear the Lord and serve him faithfully...Considering all the great things he has done for us!