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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

25 Weeks & Wordless Wednesday Photos

I had another check up at the OB today. I am officially 25 weeks and Sweet Pea is healthy. For inquiring minds; heartbeat was 154 and baby weighs 1 lb 13.oz !
I had a surprise Sonogram that I didn't know about. The technician(from my last appointment)re-scheduled me for a re-check today and I didn't know it! She couldn't get good measures of the spine and heart valves!
I immediately had mind games going on as we walked into the room and talk about, Temptation City!!! But I was a VERY good girl! I did not give in to the sudden urge to find out the gender. The technician I had today is my favorite! She did all of my sonograms with Parker. She talked me out of not giving in to the temptation!
I have HIGH fluid levels and that was encouraging. (And may be a great reason to explain why my weight is higher this time around then my last appointment!! Urr)

However, I have "marginal Placenta Praevia"... (Type II Placenta Praveia-translated the Placenta is very close to the entrance/partially blocking the top of the birth canal). It should move away and be fine -(its very common at this time in pregnancy and nothing to worry about for now). My Dr. will keep an eye on it and do another sonogram at 32 weeks! OH GREAT-another urge to make me want to know Sweet Pea's Gender! God is really testing me with this pregnancy! I must not complain and rejoice that Baby is healthy and I am too. I can get so caught up in the littlest things ie: weight gain, back ache, little sleep, etc... but I really need to just treasure the last 3 months and rejoice in another blessing from God. These months are flying by fast!

(Sweet Pea's face profile-25 weeks)
(Side profile- 25 weeks)

Here are more photos of Parker's 2 Year Photo Shoot. I finally got the rest of his photos (via CD) and now we are trying to decide which ones we will get printed!
Thanks again, Tiffany!

Next blog will be all the highlights of our time in NY and VA Beach!
Guess I know what I will be doing tomorrow during nap time!