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Thursday, July 07, 2011

9 Years & Weigh in Wed

Mike and I celebrated 9 years of marriage on the 29th of June. Unfortunately, I was in NY visiting my in-law family for a very special Baby Shower. So, we will be celebrating our anniversary later. I am so grateful to God for the blessed 9 years we have had. Blessed more then we deserve. Grrateful for the years we have learned to lean on each other through thick & thin. And looking forward to our future that only God holds the key to. Praying we will continue to grow more in him together as we embark upon many more years to come. We are looking forward to celebrating our big 10th next year! -More thoughts to come when we finally get to go out and celebrate. 
 The boys and I had an absolute blast and they loved seeing their aunts and uncles, and spending tons of time with NeNe & PaPa (a.k.a-Cowboy). Mike was working (it was closing at GE) so hopefully next time we go up he will be with us.
I love this photo of my mother in law with the boys when we first arrived.

So many more great highlights to come and precious photos of the baby shower.
It was SO awesome the be there for Courtney and I can't wait to meet our little nephew at Christmas. We got more exciting news-Mike's youngest brother and sister-in-law are expecting their first baby on Kaden's Birthday! (That would be Baby Phil, to many of you. He is going to be a daddy! :) YIPPEE! Hoping for a girl :) We will keep you posted.

Weigh In Wednesday Update:
I weighed myself the day we left, (so it was actuallyTuesday) and I was down another 2.4 pounds:)

I will take it. I weighed myself when we got back and didn't loose since the 28th. (But of course I was ever so tempted with the good ol' birthday cake, baby shower cake and the family chocolate chip cookies!)
So almost 8 pounds since the end of May.
 Back to reality it is for me~
It was fun to be away and pictures to come. Our stuff is still in the suitcase. I hate that I have not touched it-but we have only been home 1 day. That will have to get all unpacked tomorrow. We decided to spend the afternoon with friends and it was well invested time and relaxing for me. Summer days are so precious and I love wearing the boys out at the pool!