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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year-We clebrated the Holiday with the Hoeyes!

Happy 2009!

We brought in the New Year by celebrating with "Auntie Lola, Uncle Rick & Terry." It was Terry's 21st birthday,so I made a special Ice-Cream Cake for all of us to enjoy...(one last good sweet) before the Diets all begin again! HA-HA!
We grilled some burgers and hotdogs...entertained Parker till 8:30, and off to bed he went.
Then at 11:00 we had fireworks,just a few. We saved the best for the New Year!
Parker was sound asleep in his Pack & Play. Surprisingly-he only woke up 1 time!
It is a HUGE tradition for New Years Fireworks around here!
It was a blast!
I do have 1 video of a good display of them at the end.
We are so blessed and so grateful for a fresh start to another year!

Last night we watched Kayleigh, so her parents could go out on a date! Tonight, Mike is headed out with some friends. So, I am going out to a movie with Lorelei! Kayleigh and her parents are taking Parker! (It is great to swap kids and have "free babysitting!" )

I got Parker's bathroom finished!

Aunt Joy, Uncle David and Trey got Parker a Pottery Barn Kids Shower curtain, and bath rug. I matched the rug for the paint and I LOVE it! I was nerveous it would be to "girly"-it is Periwinkle!!! The theme is frogs and he loves it!

Next Project=kitchen! My grandmother passed away this summer, and my mother shared with all my sisters and me the money that she received from Grandma!...So, I am redoing the kitchen! My Grandma LOVED to cook and bake! We have so many memories of her sending us Christmas packages with baked goods! Because of these fond memories, I feel strongly to make a special memory of it and re-do the kitchen! It would be so easy to just go and splurge and buy some nice jewlery or clothes...but having custom made curtains,decorations and a new Kitchen table is so special to me in her memory! I am getting the kitchen painted Olive Green~ big jump for me! The new draperies will be chocolate brown and green paisley! I am so excited. My baby sister, Julie is an iterior designer, so she helped me plan this and I am forever grateful!! I will post photos when it is finally done!

Our biggest adventure for the year will be going on a Disney Cruise Feb. 1-5 with my family! We are SO excited to all be together. We will be celebrating my parents 40th wedding Anniversary!

I have much to do between now and then!
I am forever grateful for the new Year and praising God for a wonderful family, great health, and great friends!!! We hope the new year has been off to a great start for you all!
Jenn' :)
Here is Parker dancing to a famous song that Mike sings often to him-"Mini-Mike!"
I will upload the fireworks later!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Reflections over the past 6 + years!

As we are about to close this year, I couldn't help but reflect back on all that Mike and I have experienced together! It has been a true blessing to walk this journey of "marriage" with him! More then just being married to him, he has become; my best friend, strength, biggest cheerleader and a shoulder to cry on or comedian (which is an understatement)!

We did experience some tough times in the past 6 years and that was when we grew the most! The loss of Mike's dear Uncle Moose (April -2005) ,Grandma Parker (Feb-2007) & Grandma Wilson (July 2008). We will always cherish the memories that we have with them.

Favorite memories we have experienced together.

1998-Mike & Jenn meet in July @ Camp BaYouCa

1999-Mike and Jenn meet again (I was the Assistant Program Director and Mike soon takes on a new summer project, winning my heart!)

2000-Jenn graduates from Baptist Bible College and begins teaching in Syracuse, NY (Mike is finishing out his degree at Syracuse University)

2001- Aug. 18 (Caro, MI) Mike proposes to Jenn at J.J Jamokes

2002-June 29th , Our wedding at Hendricks Chapel (Syracuse, NY)!

2003- Mother's Day ,We become parents of an 8 week old West

Highland Terrier!!

2004- May 9th (We become an Aunt & Uncle for the first time: Grace Elizabeth)

June 29th -We move to Atlanta, GA

( Mike begins working with PWC ,Atlanta Office)

Aug-I begin teaching at NCCS (Short summer break)

2005-June 6th -We purchase our first house!

Aug-I became the Lead Teacher for the 3rd grade staff @ North Cobb

Christan School

2006 -Feb.27- MIKE PASSES HIS CPA!

March 16th - (Our first nephew, Josh is born)

June 16th- (Our second nephew , Samuel is born)

December 14th -We find out we are expecting our first baby...Awesome

early Christmas Present!

2007-April-We visit my family in MI

(Our 3rd Nephew, Jack is born, while we are there!)

June 1st-Jenn says "goodbye" to teaching after 7 years!

June, 29th-we celebrate our 5th anniversary at Borios, (Syracuse,NY) where

we had our wedding reception

Aug.20th-Parker Wilson Clark Riese arrives @ 6:55 PM , 8lbs & 20 inches!

October-I say goodbye to 20's and turn 30!!!

(By Far-Our biggest blessing of the year was Parker!)

2008-Feb-Mike ends his career with PWC (after 5 HARD years)

Feb 19th-Mike begins his new job with GE!!! PTL

Aug, 20th- Parker Wilson Clark turns 1!!

Sept.-Mike and his friends from PWC- attend Softball tournament and WIN!

November-we spend Thanksgiving in MD with Mike's family

December-Our first Christmas spent in GA -with Mom & Dad Riese

So many memories that I have listed and how can I end this with out a big hug and kiss to Michael, for putting up with me these last 6 years! I cherish you, Parker and our families! We have SO much to be grateful for! God has richly blessed us and I can't wait to see how the new year 2009, unfolds!

I couldn't help it-I had to put a slide show together of some of these treasured memories!

We wish you all a wonderful New Year!

Mike, Jenn & Parker