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Monday, December 07, 2009

Pink Eye, Photo Contest & Peace

Crazy Title~but those three things are on my mind today.
Parker woke up at 8:15 this AM with a wicked HIGH fever of ...104! YIKES-I panicked and was concerned-I usually do not panic,but I do when it gets over 103. I hate seeing him SO lethargic and in pain. While we were at the DR. they tested for strep and the flu (but I was praying that the flu was negative since I had him get both vaccines.) And of course no ear infections! I was also taking him in for his eye. Yesterday- it was looking watery and crusty and my suspicions were right. He has his first case of Pink Eye! The high fever is still a mystery! Therefore-we are keeping a good eye on his fever. I hope that it is a virus and his body will fight it off.
Parker is in a local Photo Contest and we would LOVE your vote. A former teacher friend of mine is the editor of this Magazine- and I entered Parker in their photo contest. I would LOVE to win the GA Aquarium Tickets. I would love for my parents to take Parker in Jan when they come for a visit. We can't win without the help of your daily votes! Thanks in advance for the daily votes! :)
Finally yet importantly-I am thankful that God has given me a peaceful heart about Jan. 13! That is the day of my scheduled C-section with Sweet Pea. I had a rough week last week as I was just processing all the information. It was allot in one day's visit! However, after talking to many close friends, and our Small group from Church-I am so at peace about the planned birth C-section for Sweet Pea. Some of my friends have experienced scary, emergency c-sections and have had more complications then I! So, I am counting my blessings for a great OB ~who is watching out for me in more ways then 1, a healthy baby thus far and a great support group of family and friends!