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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Eight Years Ago

Today, I said "I DO" to the love of my life and dear husband!
Yahoo says our gift should be a medal!
(This year it is suppose to be something Bronze) ~But we don't really follow the list.
So, anyone who makes it to 8 years should get an award!
UMMM! OK??! As society says....we made it through the "7 Year" itch!
Well, the day we married we made a promise and a commitment to God and each other!
Divorce is NOT an option and NO the journey has not been "a bowl of cherries" but we have had God and each other to get through the tough times!
So, what shall we do to celebrate this "Supposedly" big milestone?
Well, we usually just go out and have dinner-but this year we are taking some special, MUCH needed time for us!
Mike's parents are in town but Mike has a crazy week at work. So we are fitting in some time for us around his quarter closing and my in-laws departure on Friday!  Wed we are going downtown to a special restaurant, and taking advantage of seeing a movie TOGETHER! (We usually see movies with friends and not each other.) Then we will be using some of our Marriott Rewards and spending the time away! No 5AM wake up from Baby Kaden. (Please pray he sleeps great for my in-laws!)! Life is busy with 2 kids and we are so grateful to get some time away!
I am so grateful to God for allowing me to be Mike's wife. Mike has been such a godly example to me and has put up with my "imperfections" and I can not thank him enough! He is not perfect either, but I do have a harder time finding those imperfections in him (hee-hee) but "Love keeps no record of wrongs!" 1 Corinthians 13
We are grateful to God for the role-models in our lives, our parents!
We can't wait to see our marriage at 34 and 40 years!!

Happy Anniversary,Honey!
I love you,
Your Sweet-Lips
First photo (Summer of 1999)


Wedding Day~6/29/02

2 years after marriage.(2004)..and still the same us... LOL

 5 years married (2007) and 1 kid later...aging a little bit more!

Happy family of 4, Eight years later