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Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday..Parkeroo!

Today, Parker turned 3.
We no longer have a little boy but now a big boy!~
This was the first year that he knew it was his birthday and was excited to celebrate.
We had a party for him at Gymboree! He went to a party at Gymboree in May, and loved it. So, this year we decided to host it outside of the home (and it was a great break for me).
 NeNe came down from NewYork to spend the time with Parker and Kaden. She was a tremendous help to us and took care of Kaden for the majority of the party.
We are so excited to have a new chapter to begin with our sweet boy.
I am almost done with his 3 year old video! Come back soon to check it out and photos from the party!
Thank you to all of our friends, and family who helped make this day SO special for him. We love you all and appreciate all the love and support you showed Parker.
It was a great 3rd Birthday!
Tonight at Bed  , he said "Mommy I had a great birthday!"
Jenn, Mike, Parker & Kaden :)