How Many Have Visited....

Friday, June 08, 2007


I was in the sun tooooooo long yesterday and now I am paying for it!
I know how sensitive your skin is when you are pregnant...and looks like every 30 minutes I will have to re-apply the sunblock! I forgot to yesterday, and was enjoying the floatee I was on. My friend Samantha came over and we just layed in the pool! OUCH! My legs hurt today! No sun for awhile for me! (Stupid me!) Live and learn. Baby of course is fine (since my stomach was not exposed at all!) I am taking tylenol and drinking my liquids!
So summer officially arrived for me on Tuesday @ 10:00 AM! I was all done and do not regret it! The garage is a clear picture that I am officially done! Looks like we have a fun project ahed of us!
Speaking of projects...Mike is going to attempt to assemble the crib tomorrow. I have my 3rd baby shower tomorrow morning! I am excited. This one is being thrown by my 3 close co-workers and close to 25 ladies that I taught with or I taught their kids for 2 years are all coming! I will have to post photos tomorrow!
Off to go apply more aloe-vera!
Blessings to all,