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Monday, January 04, 2010

Kaden's Birth Story

Today, Kaden is a week old and I am still in shock that he came before the 2009 year ended!

I was scheduled to go in on Tuesday, 12/29 for my 37 week check-up! Sunday night (the 27th) I began getting Braxton Hicks /or contractions as what I am now told every 7-10 min. I went to bed feeling AWFUL and tried to sleep it off. This was ALL foreign to me. I had 1 Braxton hick with Parker and was induced with him. I woke up at 4:30 AM and got in the tub-hoping I would feel better. I felt the same! So, I just waited for the clock to say 9AM so I could call my OB. I had a feeling if I called the DR on call they would make me go into the hospital in the middle of the night-and I didn't want to have to deal with all that.
Mike went to work at 8:30 AM, Monday-12/28! I called my OB office by 9AM and  got a phone call back from then within 30 min. My Dr. was ordering me to go to Tri-age right away!
( FYI-since I was Placenta Previa they only want you to labor so long on your own.) The week before I was already 2 cm and 50% effaced. I had SO much to do before I could get to the hospital, I had to make arrangements for Parker (and THANK YOU Aunt Sam for watching Parker all day Monday and Tuesday!) I called Mike and he packed his bag to come back home (after being at work for only 40 min). We arrived by 11:30 to the Hospital and I refused to take my bags in! I really wanted another week or two to get things ready for the baby! Well that wish was never granted-but Mike sure got his wish! I got hooked up to the monitor and discovered that I was in ACTIVE LABOR. I was having Contractions every 2-4 min. Some were more worse then others. Apparently I had been in active labor for almost 2 days....but I had been having Braxton Hicks for almost 2 months-that my body just got used to it! I was asking when I was going to get checked and see if I had dialated any further. My Dr was the only one who could check me and she was with patients-so I had to wait for her to come. She kept getting updates from the nurses-and insisted on them giving me an IV to slow down my contractions! It didn't work! SO -by 3:00 the decision was made-Surgery was at 5PM. Baby was not going to wait and Baby wanted out! He was already descending down the birth canal!
I was so happy that He came when he did-Mike's parents were in the car by 6PM and drove all night to stay for the week with us! (My mother in-law is a teacher and had the whole week off!) God really has a better plan then any of us!
My surgery was a successful one with no complications. I am recovering well and being good not to over do it! I have a husband who has stepped up and been AWESOME to take over the whole house and care for Parker. I know he is really looking forward to the break once my mom arrives!
During the birth-The only concern was that the baby was only 36 weeks and 5 days gestationally. So we were prepared for him to go to NICU!
Here are the photos that will help unfold the rest of the day...a moment I will forever remember and YES the best surprise and happy ending to my surgery was hearing IT'S A BOY!

So few surprises in life and this was one surprise I will always remember! We are rejoicing that he came out HEALTHY and has been such a joy to hold and watch grow already! The NICU Dr. said Kaden was measuring as a 38 week for ALL of the tests! We were thrilled. Oh-he came out screaming and also Peeing in the air! He wanted to make it known that he was here and he was a BOY! LOL

And of course....he will always be known as our tax deduction baby! So, because he came the end of the year-it was so fitting for the proud CPA dad to get that name "Ramsey" in there after the famous Dave Ramsey (financial planner) As for the rest of Kaden's name-we loved Kaden -which means Spirited
Mikah (which is a form of Michael-means who is like God)

We will post another entry soon of our New Year's Day adventure with Big brother Parker! It is a FUNNY story and you will just have to come back to find out about Kadens first 48 hours at home!
Thanks for ALL the love and prayers! Can't believe my pregnancy journey has come to an end and now the journey of being a mommy to 2 has begun! Amazing how much love you can have for 2!