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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

How to Brighten One's Day!

"Don't Worry-Be Happy!"

I can see that I am now becoming more accustomed to a "monthly blog entry" instead of a weekly blog!

We are busy with work and are doing good-however this is one of my busyiest school years ever!
I embarked upon a "first" and went to visit a student today at his house!
I have a student who is due to have surgery,Monday morning,on his arm due to a severe injury!
I have one of those students that makes everyone smile, and no matter what his circumstances are he always has a smile on his face. Ethan is prone to accidents and adventures!!!Here is the background of Ethan's reason for my visit today!
  • My school year began with Ethan getting an ear plug stuck in his ear, in late Aug. and having to go to the Dr. and surgicially getting it removed.(Never a dull moment in 3rd grade litterally! I just go with the flow with my class!)
  • In the beginning of October, He was on his "Wheelies"-and took a fall and broke his lower RIGHT arm and was in a cast for 4 weeks!
  • So-here we are in November-Guess what he did this time?Last night,Ethan was helping his 5 year old brother cut a piece of plastic off of a toy truck with his "Swiss Army Knife" and accidentally sliced his LEFT arm! He sliced his arm, to the extent that he cut a vein and tendon in the arm. He nearly beld to death! The Dr. told his mom he was 5 mm. short of slicing the main artery and bleeding to death...God's angels were protecting him! Ethan has a follow up with the surgeon tomorrow morning to determine the extent of the surgery for Monday and what movement & sensation he may or may not have! Keep him in your prayers please!
  • My class made him pop-up cards today! They were so sympathetic to his injury, that they wanted to go way out on their hand-made cards.
  • We had a 1/2 day of school (for a teacher work day this afternoon) and I took the cards and a big singing balloon- "Don't Worry-Be Happy!" to him at his house.
He was ESTACTIC! I have seen him glow before-but not as much as I did today! He was so excited to see all the cards.. and then this big, gigantic balloon! It really reassured me: why I do-what I do! Papers,hours of hard work, lack of big salary, and all the effort pay off when you can make one of your students' days brighter by visiting them at their house! (I had a tough day yesterday...and felt like I wanted to quit my job with all the responsibilities this year ( I will save that for another entry!)...Then I got this phone call at 10:00 last night about my Ethan-and my whole perspective changed!)
Looks like God still has a mission for me to fulfill at NCCS!

May you be able to find someone this week to lift up too?!