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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Life right now...May 10, 2006

Rainbow of Thoughts today because of HIM!

I Live: with my husband and love of my life (when he is in town) and our dog Abbey
I Work: at North Cobb Christian School
I Talk: a lot...part of my job-(unless I am on the computer thinking!)
I Wish: my husband were here

I Enjoy: Friday's at 2:30 and Mike coming home
I Look: tired right now~
I Find: ways to encourage my students
I Smell: Glade Plug In
I Listen: to my 3rd graders all day and listen to my friends hurting hearts! (*I love you Yvette!)

I Hide: some receipts (till budget time)
I pray: each morning with my students
I Walk: with God daily!
I See: people who deserve my compassion
I Sing: in Chapel and Church
I Laugh: often at my 3rd graders
I Watch: 24
I Learn: to love in all my students

I dream: about our future children
I Want: to Glorify God
I Cry: when I hear about another business trip
I Read: Bible and Children's books
I Love: my God, my husband, my job, my friends
I Sometimes: wish I lived closer to our families~
I Touch: 8 & 9 year old lives every day!
I Hurt: when Mike is away, friends are going through a divorce or loose a loved one

I Fear: about the PWC workload for Mike
I Hope: I am a good, wife, teacher, sister, aunt and Friend
I Break: you can't break whats already broken
I Eat: not much-on a great diet...going very well...lost 6 pounds
I Quit: being sad
I Drink: Water~Water~Water!
I Save: to many emails
I Hug: my dog every day (some students too)
I Play: jokes on my Vice Principal- Debbie-she is a blast!
I miss : my husband, sisters, Joy and my childhood friend (& friendship) Molly!
I Forgive: because I have no right not to and God forgives us all!
I rejoice in: MY SALVATION and the peace that passes all understanding!

There would be no I sentences tonight, were it not for God and all he has done!
I smile at all of these, some are sad...but help me reflect the road God has me on!

Blessings to you all,


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Happy Birthday Princess -Grace!

Dear Grace E.,
Happy 2nd Birthday!
We are so glad that you got the opportunity to come to Atlanta and see Aunt Jenny and Uncle Mike. I know you had so much fun playing "Basettball" with Uncle Mike too! Yes-my favorites were the party, playing with the squirt gun in the big tub each night and of course the "Wyons" at the Circus too!!

May you enjoy the next 365 days! I know you will learn so much over the course of the year! We can't wait to see how much you grow over the year and what God has in store for you-you are special to us all!
We love you-
Aunt JENNY & Uncle MIKE (and Abbey too!)