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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tax Deduction Baby??!

Is what Daddy is really hoping for...Mommy-not so much! 
Today, we had my 36 week check up and we got some surprising news. I am already 2cm and 50 % effaced. Now, of course many mom's walk around being dialated for awhile-but I can only dialate to 5 and then my OB has to schedule me for my c-section. My OB said the baby is definitely not going to make it to Jan. 13th! She can not automatically schedule us next week for a c-section because I will not be 38 weeks (GA state Law for inductions or scheduled c-sections) But- Mike would be thrilled if we really have "Sweet Pea"  come naturally by  next Friday. From Mike's world as a CPA He is looking at things financially! -It would save us just about $7,000 to have the baby before the 31st. We will be switching to a new Health Care plan for GE on Jan. 1st. And unfortunately, we have a lovely 5k deductible on top of  oweing 20% of my hospital visit! But of course if the baby comes-before the year is over, it is all under the OLD plan and how amazing that it is 100% covered! Mike obviously cares most about the health and safety of me and the baby! But  he just reminded me of all that info today! No pressure on me by any means!!!!! I am having more frequent Braxton Hicks-but I am SO content for Baby to stay in as long as possible for the growth of the lungs and health over all! Not to mention that my mom doesn't come in until Jan. 9th and Uncle Rick and Aunt La-La (our neighbors and close friends who will take care of Parker if I go in before the 13th) are headed to FL next week! We do have some back up plans just in case. God really has a great sense of humor. I know that the moment we found out that we were expecting "Sweet Pea," God already knew how the whole ending would/will unfold. It really is a waiting window now for us. I really do not want the baby to come before the 5th- but that is me the "Planner/teacher" speaking! Keep us in your prayers over the next week! I did video the baby's heartbeat today (just for a fun memory). Heart was beating at  143 and that is really close to what Parker always was! I say BOY and Mike says GIRL!
We have been enjoying our time with Parker as we get ready for the Christmas Holiday!
I Love this photo of him looking so innocent and sweet!

 This past weekend we had a special visit from my College Friend, Krisha -her Husband Dave, and their 4 boys! Yes...We had a house of 5 little boys running around and Parker loved it! He was unsure what to think at first-but the boys showed him some new ways to play "Basketball" and now he loves it even more. They spent 1 night with us and are in FL for the week visiting some family. We will see them the beginning of next week before they head back to MI.


                       I finally got our Christmas decorations up and
                       I really did keep it SIMPLE!


(The Wall Hanging Parker made at Pre-School!)
 I will add the video soon of Sweet Pea's heartbeat!
Next visit with my OB is on Tuesday at 10:30AM!
We will keep you posted!
Have a Very Merry Christmas!