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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Weigh In Wed & White Water FUN

BLAH :( Down 1.4 lbs. But that is 1.4 lbs less to total 30 loss and closer to getting it off. So that officially makes me at 8 lbs down...22 to go! Trying to get back into the swing of life now that we are back. Oh 22lbs- that feels like an eternity. And I KNOW W  I cut out ALL carbs it would all be off...Ijust cant seem to leave out ALL carbs. I think body still needs some.I will have to keep motivating myself. I think I am jumping back into the consistency of Weightwatchers online. I love tracking it all on line. I know there are some other great websites out there too. One great thing about Mike's job is that they  pay the full membership of W.Watchers. It is part of their Healthy Life Balance program for employees and family members. How great is that? Have to go to weekly classes and it is a great motivator on top of all other accountability. I know it works. I lost 17lbs last time I did it (and I was only 10 weeks in and got Preggo with Kaden) oh to wonder of the total loss if there was not a distraction in the journey?! Still cooking healthy and not really doing bad with choices. Just a week of little loss. Some weeks this happens. Heres to hoping 3 lbs off next Wed!

Yesterday, I took the boys to the local Water Park (White Water). Parker and I have seasons passes. It is a HUGE savings to have seasons passes. One visit is $40.00 (per person) and then parking is another $13.00! I got the parking pass for $30.00 (and it is almost paid for....used it 2x already). We took our sweet friends, Liz, Kayleigh & Caroline. We had a blast....and the kids wore themselves out. It is so fun to go with a friend and have playmates for the boys. Hopefully this weekend we will get to take daddy. Mike is taking a 4 day weekend after a long week of work (and he needs a break);he just wrapped up another quarter of closing...(in the world of finance @ GE) but it only happens 4x a year so I am grateful that most weeks we see him and we don't have those crazy hours. Therefore,we need some fun family time. Why not go spend a day at White Water?! It is alot of work to keep up with Kaden....but I consider the times I am there my workout for the day, after I lift him 50+x carry 30+times from sections of the park or push him 15+ times in the stroller. You see I get a good workout for sure! Not to mention sweating some in the "HOTLANTA" weather too! HAHA!
Kaden is my water boy. AND HE LOVES the pools. He is testing out the thrills of slides. Some of the water slides, he is scared. But most of Buccaneer Bay (Kid land) he LOVES. Parker is not so much a "Nemo". Although P is warming up to swimming and the Spring Swimming lessons helped a ton! But consistency,and going back and forcing him to swim alone, and slide alone is working. However he has fallen in love with 4 slides at Buccaneer Bay and goes down them about 50 +time. He is a happy boy to say the least. I always know where I can find him.
 Here are some sweet photos of our visit.

 Looking forward to finally taking Mike, so he can see the boys in action.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Parker Family History Tour (Ny Visit Part 3)

On the 4th of July we spent the morning touring around Marathon, NY and getting some History on Mom Riese's family. Brian has been doing some heavy research on family names for their little boy. We visited where Mom Riese's father (Ludlow Parker) grew up.
We also got to visit the grave sites of her parents, (Ludlow & Doris Parker)

 (We also visited Uncle Moose (AKA Uncle David)...he passed away in Feb of 2005. This was my first time to see his tombstone. His service was beautiful and he lived a life to the fullest serving the Lord, but we sure do miss him. We got to attend his burial service-and to see his gravesite was extra special. I wish the boys could have met him and for that have known Grandma Parker. I never got to meet Grandpa Parker *(Ludlow) but I have sure loved hearing stories about him.  There is a beautiful Moose on (Uncle David's tombstone) but our shadows are in the photo :)

Here are Grandma Parker's Parents (The Kings) /(Mike's Great Grandparents)
Here are Grandpa Parker's Parents (Great Grandparents- to Mike)
                                      And here are the Great-Great-Grandparents (George & Carrie)
                  And here is  Susan Parker (I Think she is a Great-Great-Great) for Mike!?
Following Susan we got all the way to the first Parker relative of hers that landed in Marathon, NY...WILSON PARKER Born in 1776!!! (I believe this is Great-Great-Great-Great for Mike and make that 5 Greats for the boys :)
And that name happens to be our little Parker (but backwards). Our Parker is actually Parker Wilson (named after Mom' Riese's maiden name (Parker) and Wilson (after my mom's maiden name). How cool is that??!  We had NO Clue that Wilson was actually a family name on Mike's side!
So this is Mike's Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandpa (Who was born in 1776 and died on March 21, 1839)! So how far back can you trace your family history. I have to say it was very inspiring to hear stories of Grandma Parker's family and just see names of family members! I even ran across some Wilson gravesites and saw a "Clark" gravesite on our tour.... I wonder?

As Brian & Courtney have been looking at some names he decided to do a research of Family History. And possibly choose a name on his side for a middle name for their little guy.We found out Ludlow was actually named after his Mom (Sarah's) maiden name. It all makes sense now. So, we give allot of credit to Brian for actually tracing back to this Great-great-great-great-great Grandfather for Mike and the boys.
Please forgive me Mom R if  I goofed on the order here.
We did capture a photo of Parker with Brian, Phil &Dad Riese at his father's grave site. Vernon Riese (Passed away in 1969) and though we did not know him, it was still special to see his grave site and hear special stories.

Dad Riese was only 14 years old when his father passed away. :(

Hope you enjoyed our walk down history on the Parker side. May have not meant much to you-but this is special for the boys to have one day. I am greatful for all the time Brian and Mom have invested to trace back to these special relatives.

Courtney's Baby Shower (NY Visit Part 2)

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:13-15Baby Boy Riese is a sweet little blessing to the WHOLE Riese family. He has been prayed for, for over 2 years. We have walked a journey with Uncle Brian and Aunt Courtney, and have watched them loose 3 precious babies before he was formed.

 To be honest, I don't think I could have been in their shoes. It is something that God had planned for them and it has made them a very strong and special couple. Their love and desire to be parents has been evident from the start. No doubt-they will be phenomenal parents. There are so many unknowns about the little one's personality, but they are willing to love and accept him as he comes. We know he will rock their world....after all-he is a RIese and they are Precious! :) I am not bias at all to having a Riese baby but we can't wait to see how he looks compared to Parker & Kaden. I hope you will join us in prayer as they prepare and embark upon Parenthood. Thank You for the many prayers that many have you have already bestowed upon them. This little guy is a miracle and we can't wait for his arrival.
It was a joy to throw a shower for Courtney and Baby Boy. My Mother-in-law, Miracle, Cousin Rachel & I all put it together. It was great and the food was awesome. We did an ABC theme shower, since Courtney is a Kindergarten teacher.

 She loved it but I think the most touching part of the shower was the baby blessing bank. We got a special turtle bank for the baby's nursery. We had everyone put a penny in the bank and wish a blessing upon the baby boy, It brought tears to all our eyes. I got it on video and hope that he knows how much he was prayed for before he was born. "Baby Boy-We are so excited to meet you and want you to know how much we all love you. Now promise to sleep ALOT for Mommy, and never cry except when you are hungry or tired!"
 HAHA (We all know that only a few babies out there are like that) but I hope they get a baby that is like this :)
Enjoy the sweet photos of the shower...We will keep you posted upon his arrival.

Psalm 139:13 For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.

 (I can't take credit for carving this baby! My Sister-in-law Miracle is SO talented and did an amazing job with all the decor and much more) How Cute is this?
 Ok! I can take credit for this yummy treat! We made Red Velvet Cake Pops and dipped them in White Chocolate and drizzled baby blue chocolate on them....*shower was on July 3, so they had a patriotic look :)

(Courtney with all her hostesses :) *Mom R. Me, Courtney, Miracle & Rachel)

A nice touch for the mommy to be....White Roses and Blue Hydrangea!
It was a beautiful shower and so sweet to have many friends and family come out and shower Courtney and Brian with many,many gifts and love!
Thank You all for helping us throw a great Shower :)

Our Visit to NY (Part 1)

Here are the photos of our trip to NY! I must say the flight was smooth. Kaden got a double ear infection THE DAY BEFORE we left (I am NOT joking) BUT we caught it this time and did NOT end up in the E.R. Boys slept like bears at NeNe & PaPa's house, and we made tons of memories. But of course the whole purpose of our trip was NeNe's 60th Birthday and Aunt Courtney's Baby shower. It was a joy to be there for both milestones.
Mike had considered flying in for 36 hours but the times to travel and his intense work schedule would not allow. We missed him dearly. I must say that the family got burned out playing Baseball with Parker. NeNe got Parker a plastic baseball bat and that thing did not leave his side. It managed to stay at NeNe's house (since we couldn't bring it on the airplane) but we have to get one for here now :( It is in his blood...and I must say that boy has an ARM...Look out Major League Baseball-Parker is in training :)
Kaden ended up bonding with NeNe and for that we are grateful for. He didn't know them that well. He got to sleep every night at NeNe & CowBoy's house. Parker and me stayed at some family friends *(who are not living in their home for the summer); they run the church camp near by (BaYouCa) and Uncle Brian & Aunt Courtney stayed in the guest room. So, Parker, Me, Uncle Phil & Aunt Mir-Mir (Miracle) all had a sleepover at the Warner's house. The nights were late but worth it.
Big family news as I stated earilier was the upcoming arrival of Riese Baby #4. Uncle Phil & Aunt Miracle are expecting their first baby on Kaden's Birthday :) What an honor and sweet little blessing this will be. We are all praying for a little girl, but ultimately a healthy baby! They find out the middle of August the baby's gender and we are so excited.
Here are some of our highlights...the Boys LOVED going over to camp and hanging out with Cousins Deanna & Rieley.
(Parker staying entertained on the plane )
 Swimming in the Camp BaYouCa Pool with their cousins (Summer Lifeguards)
 Assistant Lifeguard for the Day- Lifeguard Parker :)

 The Boys LOVED riding in the go cart :)
 Parker & NeNe spinning the lettuce that came straight from the garden.
 Kaden bonding with PaPa (Cowboy).
On Sunday Night, July 3, the Parker family had a big cookout and bonfire at Cousin Chad & Rachel's house. It was fun to have Aunt Jackie & Uncle Milo come up (the Newly weds in the family :)
Aunt Jackie getting acquainted with Kaden:)

  Chad playing BASEBALL with Parker and his little girl, Alina)

 The boys with Uncle Phil & Aunt Mir-Mir
 Here they are...The soon to be mommy & Daddy with Baby Boy Riese in the belly:) We are so excited to meet the little guy @ Christmas time (due to arrive Sept. 25th).
 Plan B! Smores on the grill! Fire was to big and hot to let the little kids near-so we roasted marshmallows on the grill :)
 Kaden in his glory....he LOVED cousin Casey's horn and the lights on his truck "Whee!"
Parker eating his first Smore with NeNe...he liked it till it got messy-then he was done!
This concludes part 1 of our time to do part 2...the Baby Shower!

Enjoy all the photos :)