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Friday, November 14, 2008

A mother's worst nightmare....

locking your child in your car!!!!
Well, it happened today and today was one of the longest days for me as a mother!
Parker and I went and had lunch with "Aunt Lola" & "Aunt Sam" at the Teacup Cottage! Thanks for a great lunch "Aunt Lola!"

We left around 2:30 to do some errands! I was headed to Jo-Ann Fabrics and Old Navy...but we only made it to Jo-Ann's!
I got all checked out around 3:30 at Jo-Ann's! I unloaded my stuff, unloaded my purse (which had the usual...cell phone, wallet, and then I threw the keys in the seat too) FYI-I always take this with me when I get in the car....!
Next I loaded Parker in, shut the passenger door, & shut his passenger side door.
Grabbed his shopping cart cover, and thew it in the back of my SUV door....and off to the driver's door I go!
Here are my thoughts for the next LONGEST 45 Minutes of my day:
OH-NO! OH-NO! My door won't open??! (I look in and there are the keys on the passenger seat)...( I instantly knew if the driver's door doesn't open -then none of the others will open!!)

I go over and realize my "nightmare" has just come true!
NO! How can this be?
Why did I put my purse and keys in before Parker?
Now I really start to Panic!
There is an instant feeling of fear and hopelessness when you and your child are just separated by a piece of glass and you have no way to reach out to him!!!!
I look in at a HAPPY 15 month old sipping away on his juice.
However, he sees me (through the tinted window & thinks we are playing a "peek-a-boo" game)
So he throws down his juice and starts to laugh!
OH-NO! (That should entertain you what do I do?!!!)
I leave him -"HOW DARE I LEAVE MY CHILD, unattended in a the car!!! Calm down Jenn, you have to call Mike-your phone is in the car!" I realize -no one can take him!
I begin to cry and try to compose myself.
I RUN into the store!
My face said it all!
"HI-I need to call my husband, I just locked my baby , my keys and phone in my car!"
Sales Rep-"Oh, NO!" Absolutely...she then speaks into her microphone (her private one) and says ("I need a manager up to the front. I need some help with a lady who is locked out of her car and her baby is in there!"....)
In the meantime I have to remember Mike's number....thank-goodness I know it...even though He is "2" in my phone!
(TODAY everyone is just one number in most cell phones....this wonderful tool called "speed dial"!!!)
I am crying and he hears it in my voice....he calms me down and leaves instantly....however he is 20 miles away-but a good 1/2 hour!
My mind begins to worry and I run back to the car.
Now the managers know and 2 are out to help me!
We tried to have Mike push the remote through his cellphone and into the managers phone! It didn't after 20 minutes we called 911~!
Parker is now crying because Mommy is NOT getting in the car!
A really sweet lady, named Crystal insisted on giving me her umbrella! (It began to rain-but I didn't care! My boy was in the car and I had no where else to go!)
I think he could hear me-but he couldn't see me very well! Poor little guy!
(FYI-his latest is when he cries he says "Abbey -over and over again!" )
Within 10 minutes of the Management calling 911 the big red firetruck arrives!!!!)
My MIND-"A FIRETRUCK! I am SO embarrassed! This is really gonna be a great blog entry now-no even better....It will be a great story at the baby shower on Sunday!? (I was getting stuff to make a baby shower gift!)

So thank goodness for the local fire department and their little tools to open my car up!
My lesson: have a spare key somewhere (besides MIKE) , or with someone who can rescue me quickly!

When I got in the car, I was never so happy to take Parker out of that car seat!
It was the best hug I had with Parker yet!!!
All the feelings of fear and hopelessness faded as I embraced him!
Now I have a better feeling of how God feels when we are so close, yet so distant from him!
Hopefully this nightmare does not come true for any of you other moms out there!

(FYI-Mike pulled in just as the firetruck was pulling out!!!)
Jenn :)