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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Kaden's 2nd Birthday,&ENT update...

We had Kaden's birthday party@
Chic Fil A.
I highly recommend it, if you are looking for a fun way to celebrate, but don't have the time to clean the house (or the room) to house the family and friends! Best thing is, it is inexpensive,there's an indoor play place for activity for the kids,ice cream can be given in place of the toy,and the adults always love some good ol' sweet tea!

Homemade cupcakes for Kaden's friends! :)

Everybody looking at Mike (as he sings his version of Happy Birthday to Kaden).
Kayleigh-Bugg and Parker having a sweet moment!
Kaden chilling out with Emma Kate!

I didn't order the party package,we just got kids meals for all the kids.
At the end of the party, we passed out Elmo Cake Pops!

 (Now available with my business~ Riese's Pieces Cake Pops & Truffles).
Kaden LOVES CFA,so I knew it was a great match.
Thanks to all our friends who brought their kids out,New Years Weekend.(We felt like we had the whole restaurant,no one was there but us that Friday night).
The day of his party,he was NOT feeling well(ears),and had a super early nap.But as soon as we got there he lit up w joy!
I am still working on his 2yr video.
He just got a CD for Christmas from NeNe and Papa,and the songs all say his it will eventually get done!We are excited to see what lies ahead in this new year w Kaden.One thing we know for sure, he is getting tubes! We are so anxious for a happier boy and not in distress at night.
Kaden is getting Tubes,Feb.3rd.
That in and of itself is a miracle! We don't have to wait 1month (many kids needing tubes do).The visit at the ENT went great. He is a candidate for tubes with the 7 ear infections, from 2011 & he has "glue ear". The fluid in his ear is so thick,they call "glue ear". The glue ear is usually not painful but can be for some cases.  And it appears in Kaden's case it is painful-because he is NOT sleeping. The Nurse Practitioner that we saw, said it was like we were describing her son when he was little (*who got tubes around the same age as Kaden). So, she was so gracious and understanding that she pushed us up on the surgery schedule. I had in my mind a DR. that we should go with, but at that point ...we said who can get us in first!?
 It turns out God was SO good, we got the head of the Practice (who we wanted) and are getting in 2 weeks! Dr. Parks did our friend, Trey's ear and also a few other kids we know. So, we are encouraged that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We really thought that he was possibly just giving us a hard time at night and needed to be moved out of his crib. So, we converted his bed and we still have the same sleeping habits. So, therefore we know it is his ears. Mike,me& especially Kaden,have not slept since mid Dec.
So,we are hopeful for Feb and TUBES or "New Ears" for Kaden. For us,this is what we are choosing to do.
I am not content to just keep medicating him every time an ear infection comes, and have possible hearing loss with all that fluid built up.
His poor body has been exposed to so much.So,going forward...the tubes can do their work to keep that fluid draining properly!
I know many parents are against tubes and surgery for what they think can be corrected other ways, But for him this is what we believe and have prayed about.
I am so thankful my sisters and friend(s),Joy&Liz, have all walked through this journey.
So,it almost feels like I have already experienced it.
However,it is our first time with our own child. So it is a bit deeper now that it is our little boy.
We are praying for a smooth process. We are dreaming of the the day again when we have a happy,sleeping boy! It seems like an eternity from now. (Feb 3 is just around the corner), but he has been miserable since Christmas!
I just cry with him some days, because there is SO little that I can do but hold him!
Amongst all these long days and nights he has these phrases lately- "Hold You!", "Mommy lay down,"
And of course one of the sweetest moments, I was walking out the door with him to run an errand because mommy could not be out of his sight, and Mike was home. Kaden overheard me say "Good Bye, Honey!" and instantly we heard an echo at the door;Kaden said "Goodbye, Honey-Kiss,Kiss!"
It was a priceless moment! :)
We know he is hearing well, because he is repeating almost everything we or Parker says.
So,thankful for this ray of hope! And thank you for all the support from my MANY friends who have reached out and been some support for me.
Kaden, we love you to pieces,even when you are at your saddest moments. We are praying for comfort and for God to heal you and most all that you will grow into a sweet, little boy who loves the Lord!
We are looking forward to a new year and "new ears!"
We thank the Lord for another year with you and can't wait to see all that you will learn (and even explore in your creative curious mind).
Happy 2nd Birthday, Kaden!
Daddy, Mommy & Parker

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy New 2012 "Ear(s)" please?!

(Christmas Day-2011)
Well, Happy 2012~ And where have I/we been?!
Well, trying to deal with Kaden's stubborn ear infection(3weeks long) and his 2 year old molars all at one time! All of this=lack of sleep for mommy, daddy & Kaden! And to top this all, Mike had Year End Closing at work, we had a trip to D.C, for Christmas, Kaden's 2 year birthday and somewhere in there I slept little...but really prayed more!
Therefore, NO BLOGGING has even been an option!
We made it to DC and the boys LOVED seeing the family. Kaden was good till the last 2 days! And it has been a down hill, sleepless journey since we have been back.
Wow! I have lots to share about the good ol' trip to D.C. a few candid shots of Christmas,
Kaden's 2 year birthday, New Years and of course a few other fun moments! However, that requires me to upload, search and even edit and NO TIME! Kaden has been a Velcro child begging to be held and wanting my undivided attention! So, the photos will come later. :(
We had 3 big blessings for our family the last part of the year! ....The boys got 3 new cousins in the last 4 months! We are happy to welcome, Owen (9/21/11), Malcolm(10/12/11) and Lucas (12/22/11) into our extended families! I promise to be back soon and post some of these sweet moments!
Here are the boys with NeNe and Papa and 2 new cousins, Owen and Lucas(who was 4 days old in the photo).

 I am really hear coveting prayers!
My mind is in a funk. I JUST got Christmas decor down...YESTERDAY! Yup! I am so exhausted. Mike only has closing 4 times a year, and it requires a heavy amount of hours. He worked about 18 hour days the last 2 weeks. However, his boss resigned 3 days before Christmas and caused more of a load on Mike's  year end schedule the last 2 weeks of the year. So, we are praying for Mike's work load and anxious to see what will come with his job. We are trying to find a new schedule that will work best for ALL of us as he takes on a new role (temporarily).
Coveting prayers for Kaden. Hence the whole title "New Ears"-After 7 ear infections in the calendar year (2011) ,looks like Kaden is a candidate for tubes.However, Mike is (more then mommy) CAUTIOUS about the whole surgery thing! So, pray for wisdom tomorrow. We are heading to an E.N.T. with Kaden and I am ready tomorrow to get Tubes for him. We have a totally different kid. He has not slept in about 3 weeks and has been up 2-4 times a night. Before this last ear infection, he would sleep 12-13 hours per night. Of course, there was always little sleep when he was dealing with an ear infection! I have 3 niece and nephews who all got tubes before 2.So, am I surprised that Kaden has been battling ear issues? NOPE!
Do I want this for him? Nope!
However, I know and have heard how life changing it becomes following the "simple" procedure!
Scared? Yes.
He may not even need tubes. And if that's the case, I have NO clue what solution there will be!?! We have exposed his little body to every antibiotic (most common in kids).Amox, Augmentin,Zithromycin, Omnicef....You get it! I do not want to be an over medicating mom/parents! When the kids is sick for other infections, we want the meds to work.
My sisters saw amazing changes after their kids got tubes. I am very educated and hopeful in that part of the world if that is what is best for Kaden!
(Kaden with NeNe and newest cousin,Lucas)
We have stopped him on Cow's milk and that has cut back on his congestion. However, he has built back up another runny nose, and back to irritability and no change in his sleeping at all. Prayers please for this little guy to get better for the best of health!

So, off to the ENT we go and praying for a good,and best solution for Kaden.
I am just being real and appreciating the prayers tonight! I have a God who is greater then all my worries and fears. I was reminded last week, that in my weakness he is strong! He is my provider and always knows what is best for me and these sweet little lives I get to take care of (and sweet lives includes) sweet, awesome daddy who is working hard for us all!
I sleep SO much better when I share all my anxiety and leave at his feet!
Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.~1 Peter 5:7
 It does me no good to worry! However, I want what is best for our little boy and can't keep battling these nights like this life that has been "our new normal!"

(This photo is just one of many sleepless nights.-he got up at 4AM that morning!...It is almost 11:30,and he needed a nap! Look at him he is checked out!!!!)
Thanks for letting me vent and unwind tonight, and THANK YOU in advance for all the prayers past, present and future!