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Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Three Month Mysterious Object

So MUCH adventure in our house.
Now that we have two busy boys, there is NO telling what they will come up with next.
But, I must say, that Kaden(our 22moth old  is at the age of "curiosity" and so intrigued with the beautiful porcelain thing we call the "toilet"!
In June we installed a new toilet in our master bath room and got one with a flush up on the top. Mike installed it and did a fabulous job.
 Kaden has been mesmerized by ALL toilets (public or private) he can find them anywhere we are! He gets his hands washed frequently [wink]
 He has to flush our toilet every day and now is even taking a deep interest to sit on the "potty" and go "potty" himself!
(Merry Christmas to mommy if he really is going potty by his 2nd birthday :)

Well, back up about 3 months ago when he was taking a deep liking for this "yucky" object in our home, and imagine his mind when daddy installed the NEW toilet in our home?
 He figured out after 1 month that the "flush" was at the top of the toilet!

***(please note)*** there is NO privacy in our home with our (Velcro child, a.k.a. "mommy's boy).
Unfortunately, if you close the door the precious blue eyed, 22month old, thinks that you have left him FOREVER! Therefore it is just easier to let him into the bathroom and be "happy!"
 So, he soon learned how to "flush" the toilet (after watching what mommy would do).
He got very curious one day with the object/toy in his hand/"his" phone (one of daddy's old phones), and "flushed" it DOWN the new installed toilet.
Fast forward...(I hear the flush) and think great, He found the flush, but I don't think much because it flushed normal and he can't talk and tell me what happened!
 I don't know that he has actually flushed a CELL phone down it...till 3 months later.

2 days later....toilet is no longer flushing and clogging up!
Yup, we are completely bummed that our NEW toilet is now "broke" and we are pretty sure we know why! We conclude that child #2 has flushed SOMETHING down the new toilet.
(Mike's response, "goodness we have 2 other toilets")
My response ("'I LOVE my master bath toilet and hate walking ALL the way down the hallway (in the middle of the night) to go potty.)
 Fast forward 2 months and we no longer have an upstairs toilet functioning at ALL-and where is Mike? In France!
Well at least I have 1 toilet working in the house, until the BUSY BOYS that God has blessed us with, are goofing around and decide to LOCK the downstairs door! 
 NOW.....NO toilet available at ALL! 
Lovely, it is 1 hour before I have a babysitter coming (to give me a "little" break) and I have NO working toilet.
(Master toilet has an unknown object down it, guest bathroom toilet has a broken chain, (but seriously have no time to open up the top and manually flush it), and now our working toilet is locked up!
Well, my sweet babysitter calms me down and gets the screw driver and takes the door knob off of the only working toilet in our home!
(At least there is no door knob to be locked any more!)
 And now we can go potty INSIDE the home.
Guess what Mike had to do, (within a night of sleep and jet leg") when he got back from Paris?
 Yup! Fix Master toilet and guest toilet.
However, the task was too great and only one toilet got fixed that weekend. 
Thankfully, we agreed NOT to invest a chunk of money with a professional plumbing company, and he found the time to "plunge" away and get the object out! 
It took 4 hours and 3 attempts and FINALLY that "object" (aka. cell phone), was pushed through and discovered!
(Uncle PHIL, "NO the phone does NOT work!")
Sorry it is not available for use to you! :(
For the future parents out there~don't let your kids play with old cell phones because they may just clog up your toilet one day!
So, the boys have been BUSY around here. Therefore, at nap time I can't sleep since I am so worried what they may do "in their sleep" (not really) They are actually FABULOUS sleepers!
I have chosen to stay busy myself making cake pops and truffles.
It is a true delight and stress reliever! :)
 Check out my "Cake Pops & Truffles Page" at the top of the blog for prices and details.
I would LOVE to make you a basket of goodies for some family and friends this holiday! :)

Until the next adventure or cake pop flavor,
Jenn :)