How Many Have Visited....

Monday, November 12, 2012

Good Bye Summer! Hello Fall (almost over) Really??

It is far from summer and a much over due post! Oops. :(
As I sat down to look at the calendar of events for the week, I was shocked November 12. Only 1 week till Thanksgiving and 6 weeks till Christmas!
I had some awesome photos that were captured over the summer and never got around to uploading from my phone to the computer, and finally "THE BLOG"! (Sigh)
 Lesson learned!
Last month, our precious 5 year old was taking photos on my phone and somehow managed to hit a button that deleted my whole album of photos from my camera phone! (Just about 2 years worth of photos). :(
Thankfully, about 50% of the photos were uploaded to emails, F.B. or the blog. Still makes me sad that some of the first videos of the boys together were deleted. I could dwell on it forever. But I am thankful it was just photos lost. I was sick about it.:(
All that remains on my phone are downloaded photos over the summer that Mike texted me or I uploaded from other friends.
I do have a few from email that were captured at my sister's house on her chicken farm.
 I took the boys up for the 4th of July to visit my family in MI.
Let's just say it was a nightmare of issues to get there, and I was never so thrilled to arrive.
A rental car that failed, finally got another rental (3 hours later), a required hotel stay, and a ton of hours on the road with the boys! I won't do that again for a LONG time by myself. We are flying next time. They were troopers!!
 I don't regret one bit of the visit! I just wish we had not had so many issues getting there.
 The boys feeding the cows at my sister's farm! :)
We ended our summer with a trip up to NY to visit Mike's family.
 And I have allot of photos that I lost.  I love this one of our lunch date with Ne-Ne.
 The boys love being little "cow-boys" and seeing all their extended cousins and hanging out with Ne-Ne and Cowboy.

Adventure with both families was special  and it was a journey to say the least.  When we got back from NY Parker was about to turn 5 and ALL he wanted was a Chuck E Cheese Party! So we took him and his friends to celebrate. It was fabulous and not what I grew up with at all. The place has improved a ton.

Parker has been loving Kindergarten and  is attending Burnt Hickory's program. We are so grateful for another year of growth for him before he begins FULL day school. He played Fall Tee-Ball and has found his Niche.

 He can play and looks like he is following in his daddy's footsteps.

Kaden is a BIG boy who has not shed 1 tear since entering Mom's Morning Out.

I am grateful for the 8 hours a week of "alone" time to get much done and have a break.
The days are fleeting and we really have cherished the time with our boys.
 I am sad that we have a house of kids and no babies.
However, that being said, made it a little bit easier for Mike and me to escape and celebrate our 10th Anniversary!
It was a nice beginning to the fall for us and after 10 years (officially on June 29), we celebrated at the end of September at a phenomenal resort in Las.Vegas! We must do another trip before 20 years.

When we got home this was in out backyard!!! My dad used his skills and put this wonderful swing-set together for the boys. It was a super early Christmas present from us! Thanks Dad, for all your hard work.

Shortly after that return it was time for my annual Girls get -a-way with no kids.
This year we stayed close by, shopped, ate and slept.
 It was wonderful! Already looking forward to next year~ destination T.B.D! :)
And then it was time for Halloween. Our little Kaden was Parker's spider , since Parker is in a phase of Spiderman. But all have decided that next year Parker will probably still fit into his Spiderman costume and we need to find The Hulk for Kaden. He can turn it on and off with his fits and laughter. We will see ...:) 

Here is to a wonderful season of;pumpkin spice Chai tea, apple-cinnamon candles, crock-pot meals, a grand time with friends at pumpkin patches and preparing for the big Thanksgiving feast!

It was a rough start to the year, but the summer and fall have been a blast! Looking forward to ending our year on fingers crossed (a great end).
I am so thankful the Lord carried us through and we had friends around us to support us and help us out. As the holidays are upon us, I don't want to get stressed out and so overwhelmed. We are staying home this year!!
 It is bittersweet to be away from extended family, but nice to celebrate and be together with our boys. We are looking forward to just being home and enjoy all that we have been blessed with. It is so exciting to see the meaning of this time of year "click" with Parker. He is getting SO excited for Christmas and trying to help him understand the real Joy is not found in the "presents" but in the "Presence of Christ in our heart!"

What is your family tradition for Christmas gifts? Our boys get so much from Aunts & Uncles (11 gifts alone from immediate relatives on each side). So, for Christmas, we have really capped it at 3 gifts.We care more about giving to others.  
 I hate having junk laying around and wasting money on things they really don't need.
I am hoping that this blog will not be our last entry of the year??!
Anxious to hear how you do gifts for your family?
I am sure between now and Christmas I will have a good "Captain Kademan" story to tell.
So until then,
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!