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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Priceless Memories!

Monday night we (4 sisters) & Grace and Josh celebrated Grace's 2nd birthday!
We had a big party (we think for the 4 of us more so,to enjoy) but Grace was loving every minute! She dug her face into the cake and loved the frosting!
We got her in the tub before we took off at 6:30 and decided to be crazy and go to the circus from 7:00-9:30!!When we arrived at the circus she was totally in awe of it all! Her eyes were twice as big as she saw the big Tigers, clowns/(she was totally enamored with them) but I think she really loved the "Elphants" (as she calls them) the Pony and Big Goat! The best way to end the night was at 9:00 (late for her...but she slept from 1:30-4:00) was when we walked out of the Circus (there was a fair and they had Pony Rides- Grace saw the ponies and she said-"Me ride Pony!"
Jodi gave in and paid $9.00 for a ride and a picture...
(Just like the Discover commercial says-The whole day was well spent but it ended the best way with a great pricelesss look! )/
Birthday cake- $30.00
Gas to get to the Circus-$45.00 (to fill up van)
Parking for the circus-$2.00
Price of the admission for the 4 adults -$20.00
Water bottles, BBQ CK Sandwiches and Corn on Cob-$20.00
Look on Grace's face as she rode the Pony- PRICELESS!!!
Anyway as I was riding around the pin with her- she saw some brown goats off to the side in the next stall over and said "What that?" I said those are goats - they say "BAA" she repeated it! and About 5 minutes later we were walking down the side and there were 2 camels -giving rides! She saw them and said "Me ride BIG GOATS!") Hilarious!
They left last night and I was sad to see them go!
But truely loved every minute together!
Blessings to all,
I will post photos once I locate my camera in the house~