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Friday, February 05, 2010

Reflux,Magic Eraser and more...

We made it through the first month of the year and now it's Feb! I am in the middle of trying to get out Kaden's Announcements and working on Thank You notes. However, I got slowed down big time last week with Kaden. We discovered last Friday, that Kaden has Reflux!
Poor little guy was vomiting uncontrollably after I would feed him and then of course want to eat more, finalizing in overeating and vomiting again! Not to mention that he would scream in his car seat after a feeding, (mainly due to lots of gas and needing to get out a good burp) and I got a shower in spit up daily! I knew something wasn't right last week when he puked 4 times in a row on me. He has gained a TON of weight and all the symptoms he has been having are a match of reflux! Last Friday-he weighed 10.7 lbs and was 21 inches long. He has overeaten to comfort the suffering he has been in! Poor little guy- :( So, we got a prescription for Prilosac for babies...and he is a completely different baby! The vomiting has stopped to a minimal amount.-He no longer screams when we change him (laying on his back), and the fussiness that he would have after a feeding is about gone! He still requires more love and attention during the night then Parker did, but I am so happy to have a temporary solution for him. I am not a BIG advocate of medicating a young baby-but this is so much better then the pain and discomfort he was in.

Speaking of solutions-I have discovered a NEW solution for Parker's "Modern Art" that he displayed on the hallway yesterday! It's called Magic Eraser and a little bit of Fantastic Oxy Power!  

Parker LOVES to color his Elmo coloring book-but yesterday was a first! He discovered that his "color-"Boo" (blue) works on the wall too!
YIKES!!!!!!!! (I knew the day was eventually coming-don't all kids explore on the walls with colors or worse...sharpies? So glad those are out of his sight and reach!)
I knew the excitement of him scribbling in the hallway was not on his book but on the wall!
 Well, P and I had a good chat (and some time spent in time-out) about the appropriate place for his colors! Parker learned that the wall is NOT one of them! I got the color off the walls by 11PM yesterday, and I sure LOVED how fast Magic Eraser removed the crayon! It is my new favorite toy ...LOL! Don't tell P that though. :)
Parker and I had a play day last Friday with Kayleigh and Caroline and of course Parker and Kayleigh just pick up from their last time together. They are 2 peas in a pod and SO stinking cute together! We miss her and Caroline a ton-but we are SO happy that they are still in preschool together! Mike and I are forever grateful for a sweet date this past Monday, courtesy of Kayleigh and Caroline's grandparents. They treated us to dinner out and free babysitting. We SO appreciated every minute of it! THANKS a ton!

Kayleigh Loved holding Kaden-he was not interrested -he wanted to eat!

Kaden had some special visitors this past Sunday. Two of daddy's old co-workers from PWC made a special trip up to visit Kaden-Julie and Audrey. It was a special treat to have them visit.

Here are the photos as promised of the boys rooms!
We still have a few more decorations to go in each~but I am posting them for now.
 Kaden's Room
(freshly painted sage green all by Grandma)
A Parlee Pocket for Kaden (made by Samantha).
We are still making them and now offer monogramming!
Contact me if you want one-they are the best for organizing, storage space and much-much more).

Parker's Big Boy Room
(Parker was sitting there with his "friends" and I thought it was kodak moment)

                                 (The book shelf was my frugal find-or Grandpa's find)
When my parents were visiting my dad ran into Goodwill and found it for $13.00 !
He got us the Senior Citizen Discount too- So we got it for $11.00!
I was elated to take it-since we are on a budget and still on the Dave Ramsey Plan.
Some day we will get the boy (s) a new bedroom set-but we are making due with our old furniture and being practical with what we have. Thanks Grandpa, for painting it and putting it together!
I better take advantage of this nap time and get my shower in. It sure is harder to get in with the 2 now! But I love being their mommy even though the days may be long and sleep deprived lately! Thanks Mike, for letting me stay home Mike, and helping out a ton with P!

This post would not be complete without some recent photos of our sweet pea!
Here is Kaden at 5 weeks

I got a little carried away but amazed at how much he has changed already! :)