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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Baby Riese-Aug. 2007!

YUP-that is right....Mike and I are expecting our first baby on Aug.25th!
So this is my first blog of 2007 and the big adventure of the year is awaiting our little miracle to arrive!
We found out 2 weeks before Christmas ...and the news was shared with the family on Christmas!
On Friday,January 12, I had an internal ultrasound! (It is the first ultrasound they do now days to make sure there is a heartbeat.) It was unbelieveable- and so amzing how little a baby begins and the growth that develops each day! The minute my Dr. began the ultra sound there was an instant picture and there it was... a little tiny baby.. (which looks like a little gummy bear)!...The most important part we were awaiting was the beating heart! It was just a beating away. At my 12 week appointment I will get to hear the heart beat!
It was so cool and we are excited!
The biggest thing-we are not going to find out what the baby is!
That is very hard for me the planner! But this is something Mike has always wanted to do, so I will TRY to honor that.
As for the whole world of feeling pregnant-My body does! I have morning sickness....I find it now a morning routine to throw up a couple of times while I prepare for work.
Hopefully this whole morning sickness will only be a few more weeks!?

Keep us in your prayers as we prepare for Baby Riese.
Blessings to all -
Jenn, Mike and Aug. Baby!