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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Congrats- John & Nicole!

I am down to my last 3 weeks until I return. :(
I will actually go back to work on Thursday, Aug. 3 (once I return from Calgary!) and start getting things done in my room, before orientation begins on Monday,Aug.7! My kids do not start class until Tuesday, Aug. 15th! Anyway-it is gerorgeous ,sunny and too HOT to go to the pool! I could use a little more sun..but I think I am still "pooled" out from all the family and friends.
Speaking of Friends...Mike's good friend from H.S.,John Shepard and his girlfriend Nicole got engaged, Saturday, July. 15th~! (So the photos are of John in our wedding and then he and Nicole are on the right at the Cheesecake Factory with us back in April!) We are SO
happy for them and I am sure we will make every attempt to attend the wedding! They have not set a date yet for the wedding...but Mike has tried to clue them in on a great weekend in June to get married! (LOL)
Mike had a business meeting today at the GA aquarium~ so I am sure it is more then a meeting!
Off to get some school items for a great deal at Walgreens!
Summer Blessings to all,

Here are some of the latest summer advenures with family and friends!