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Monday, May 29, 2006

Farewell Class of 2015!

My class was very special this year! I am totally amazed at how much you get connected to a class after 2 years! I taught many of them for 2 years and really watched them grow. I will miss them and their parents. Here is a letter I wrote to them last Thursday...don't cry!!
Blessigs to all,
Farewell Riese's Pieces
(Class of 20015)
My Dear Riese’s Pieces,
It has been my joy and pleasure to teach and mentor each one of you to be more Christ- like this year in 3rd grade at N.C.C. S!
I have been blessed beyond measure by: your smiles, hugs, ”ah-ha” moments (when you finally got those tough math lessons), treasured all the class parties with you, gifts from you, awesome grades you worked hard for, even the tough days you had- to see what God taught you, words of encouragement from you and your parents, seeing prayers answered, hearing about all the awards you received outside of school, seeing you get rewarded in many ways that you earned, and above all, teaching you to know the LOVE of GOD and what it means to be Jesus to others.
As you look back on this book one day and see the characteristic of the “Fruit of the Spirit” that the class chose for you, may you still be showing it and exemplifying all of the Fruit of the Spirit! Remember- “You might be the only Jesus some will ever see &meet!”
I feel blessed to have been your teacher,and now I must graduate you on to 4th grade and begin all over again with a new group of “Riese’s Pieces” in August. If I may, I must use your class # again next year for a “new Riese’s piece” student? Don’t be sad-you will always hold a special place in my heart! Rejoice in the good work you have done and pray for the future classes that follow.
When you have tough times- “Don’t give up-keep your chin up!” Remember that you are loved by your parents, friends at NCCS and Mrs. Riese! God has a special plan for you! I can not wait to hear about it as you grow in Him.
Blessings to you all “My Riese’s Pieces”~
(Class of 2015)
Love your 3rd grade teacher,
Mrs. Riese