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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Holiday Happenings

Christmas is next week and our tree is finally up… BUT that is as far as we have gotten in our household.:( sigh- My energy is depleting FAST!
I LOVE the Christmas season, but due to being 35 weeks pregnant and having our baby 3 weeks or less after Christmas, we have decided to do minimal decorations this year. It’s probably better with a 2 year old around this house, that the less decorations the better. One thing I am keeping up with and decorating is the Christmas Cards! I love going to the Mailbox each day; it is definitely filling up with Christmas Cards and that we do LOVE. It is a blast to decorate with the Cards and see how so many of our loved ones are doing!

Parker had his 1st Preschool Christmas Party yesterday. He was all dressed up in his Christmas Outfit and had a blast eating the goodies and posting with his many friends. He made us a sweet Photo Glass Bulb Ornament and Angel Canvas Hanging that we will cherish over the years. He is picking up SO many things at his preschool. He knows how to count to 10 and is starting to associate his number recognition! The other day he asked me for a French fry and I handed him one that had another one attached. He looked at it and  said "Oh-2 Fries!" I was so excited that he recognized it!

We took him to see Santa last night and it was a traumatic moment! It was basically a repeat of last year. But it was a great tradition that we may have begun. Wed. it is free to go and see Santa at a local outdoor shopping center and they give FREE Horse Carriage rides too! Mike was able to leave work early and be with us. It is getting to be much colder at night and starting to feel like "Winter Wonderland" here in GA!

Today, Parker and I went over to Kayleigh's house to have a Happy Birthday Jesus PJ party! It was so sweet to see the kids decorate cookies, make some crafts and sing to Jesus! We love those special play days!
On a bitter sweet note~Tuesday was my last day babysitting Kayleigh and Caroline. I will sure miss them-and Parker will miss them even more! It has been a wonderful 2 years with Kayleigh and a great 3 months with Caroline as well!

Obviously, having our baby in Jan. will not allow for me to continue the childcare for the girls-so they will be staying with a neighbor friend for the rest of the school year when their mommy works. The good thing is that we have established a great friendship! Parker and Kayleigh are inseparable and are like twins in many ways. We plan on having Parker and Kayleigh in preschool together next year too! We love the program at BHBC and are so grateful for the 2 days a week of a break for me and socialization for Parker!
I can not believe that Next Friday we will be celebrating Christmas Day. This will be our 2nd Christmas in GA and first one away from Family. It is hard to not be with them but we are excited to see my parents in 3 weeks and Mike's parents in Feb. I know it will be a blast to watch Parker open up many gifts from the family. He is ALL into Thomas the Train-so we will be having a Thomas Overload Christmas this year. But of course we are trying to instill the real meaning of Christmas to Parker and will continue our tradition from last year. We will be attending the Christmas Eve Service with some friends and making sure Parker knows about the Christmas Story as he continues to get older!

I am now 35 weeks pregnant and Sweet Pea will be here 3 weeks after Christmas! (Yup that is a recent photo of me -up above-at 35 weeks-I feel huge!)

The time has FLOWN by. I must say that we are really trying to soak up some precious time with Parker these last few weeks as a family of 3! I know he will be a great BIG brother to Sweet Pea and I can not wait to have the baby OUT! I'm starting to get really Uncomfortable! I have had Braxton hicks constantly and of course I am getting tired very easily. All of this is part of the package with "cooking" a baby! We are glad that Sweet Pea is healthy and growing. Tuesday is my next appointment and I will be going each week till delivery day! Fingers crossed that Baby is cooperative and at least waits till after the 8th to arrive. (My mom flies in on the 9th!) I am such a planner and would so love to stick with the scheduled c-section on 1/13. However, with all the drama and the past adventures the last 8 months-watch Sweet Pea come before the 13th! Just trying to prepare myself! Keep me in your prayers the last few weeks as I try to man the house and entertain a 2 year old till the middle of Jan. Really need to just soak up some good naps when P naps! I am so thankful for him being a great sleeper!
We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Holiday and remember the real reason for the Christmas Season.

(My camera is dying and so I apologize for not posting so many photos lately and also a lack of editing! Hoping Santa Brings me a new one....HINT-HINT- "Mike!") 
*We will be mailing out Birth Announcements and family photos in Jan. I am not being a scrooge this year-I would rather wait to do cards once the baby comes!