How Many Have Visited....

Friday, July 10, 2009

July Adventures- Part 1

We kicked off the month with Mike's mom flying in for 10 days on June 30th. She just went home today. :( We also had a special visit July 4th weekend with my friend Christy, (who I met at college) and her family, from Clearwater, FL. ( Now that the company is all gone, I am reflecting on the past 10 days!) It is sad to have it so quiet here-but finally some time for me to catch up.
I always relish all the time I can get with my parents/ and Mike's parents visiting! Mom Riese really is a blessing to have around. I got a few mornings to sleep in (and I think I only bathed the boy 1 day the whole 10 days she was here, on top of preparing his meals too).
Here are the top 10 things she /we did while she was visiting.

1. July 4th -we had a BBQ with The Davis Family /then went to hear The Atlanta Symphony and the US Army Chorus, and saw incredible Fireworks.

2. She and I got out for a night alone to see The Proposal ( was a great chic-flick movie).
3. I took her to my neighborhood Bunko
4. Went out for Mexican dinner with the Hoeyes

5. Celebrated her Birthday, at The World of Coke

6. Rented 2 Chick-Flicks (while Mike had prior engagements with work)
7.Played a TON in the backyard with Parker, (including blowing over 1,000 bubble for the boy)
8. I took her out to lunch at Bugaboo Creek for an early Birthday treat ,and she had to kiss the Mouse for her dessert!
9. We got Pedicures together
10. Found time to worked out at the YMCA.
As you can see I really do enjoy the time with my mother-in-law! It is a blessing that we do get along and have a great relationship. On top of all this-Parker loved having her here. Even though we would ask him to say "Nana" he would always say "Basketball!" Hilarious!
I think the biggest blessing in disguise while she was here was an unexpected Ultra-Sound for Sweet Pea (#2 on the way). I took her to my 12 week OB appointment. She never got to go to any of my appointments when I was Prego with Parker. So, the visit was to be a simple weigh in- and heart check on the baby! Dr. Pitcher could not get Sweet pea's heartbeat to appear from the Heart Doppler. I had a moment where I lost my breath (but in the back of my mind I wasn't to worried-since I am still throwing up over 4 to 5 times a day). So, Dr. Pitcher insisted on us going down the hall for an Ultra -Sound! Scary for me- but I was excited for Mom's first Ultra-Sound experience. (I of course was praying that Sweet Pea was fine and just being stubborn/ OR Sweet pea wanted to make sure that Nana saw him/her too, while she was in town?!!) Sure enough, a beating heart, kicking legs and waving an arm! Fe www eee! A huge weight was lifted off my chest, when I finally saw the beating heart! Mom, of course was in complete amazement with the modern technology today. Many of my friends are assuming that all the sickness (drama) and now the stubborn heart beat issue is making it out to be a girl!!! I am still thinking it is a boy! A girl would be sweet, it would even this house out and of course be a real blessing to us all. But we won't know till Delivery Day!!
Here are photos from our time with the Davis' family. It had been 10 years since I saw Christy. It was our first time to have our family's meet. We LOVED having them in town. The kids got along great and we hope that our next visit is much sooner then 10 years from now! :)

(Enjoying dinner out at Fusco's (without the kids);
Christy 31 weeks pregnant/me 12 weeks pregnant)

(Parker swimming in the pool on the 4th with daddy)Parker opening his birthday present from Hannah & Logan/he was mesmorized by the Thomas the Train toothbrush holder- He also got a super cute Gymboree Outfit for next summer! THANKS, Hannah & Logan!)