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Thursday, January 17, 2008

"Goodbye, P.W.C.-Hello G.E!"

YUP! The title speaks words to all of you who know that Mike works for PWC! As of February, he will no longer be with PWC, but an official employee for G.E.~(General Electric)!
During December, Mike was interviewing all over metro Atlanta to seek a new job! This was a big step for Mike to leave now (since it is busy season), but last January he worked about 18 hour days and he can not do that to Parker (or me again!) More then that-he was bored with "5 years of auditing" and tired of the long hours and wanting to do more with his Finance degree. He posted his resume online and the recruiters began calling! He was overwhelmed at first ,but knew he was doing the best thing!
He actually had 5 job offers from the 2 weeks of interviewing! (He even got one right on the spot!)
-After all the interviewing,Mike was in awe of how well he could do by leaving the firm and how much more TIME we can have together! The new job is 15 miles from us! The benefits were outstanding and the position was a deep interest for Mike! He will be a Controller for the company! Our good friend Cari, works for GE and she was very encouraging to Mike about potentially working with G.E.! She shared the pros and cons and coached him during the whole interview process! After lots of praying and seeking out which way to go, it was best to go with G.E. He could have taken a job right here in Kennesaw, but we had some red flags and weren't as familiar with the company. We feel that because he made the decision to leave PWC and is striving to put the family first, God is now going to give Mike a 36% increase in his salary (with GE)! PTL! It will be a blessing to know that he is much closer and not coming home around 2 AM (like he did sometimes when he was on clients with PWC)! We are praying that he is happier in the end with this new field of work!
Please keep Mike in your prayers as he embarks upon this new journey with G.E.!
I have to say that I am very proud of him and thanking him publically for making this big step to make time for us a family!
I love you Mike! You will do great at your new job!
Some of you have asked if Parker has to change his name since Mike is leaving PWC (which is Parker's initials) NO!!
Maybe baby # 2 (one day) will have G.E. as their initials! (We really do not plan the names based on Mike's job!) It was just a fluke with Parker!

Rejoicing for Mike's new job,
Jenn, Mike & Parker