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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Adventure

Gas has been SO hard to get these days! I will not go into the long story, but if you hear it affecting the south it is true! We are at $4.29 a gallon right now and some days there is gas and some days you pass 12 -20 gas stations before it is available. If it is available, there might be a limit, 20-40 minute wait, or only good to get for an hour till it is all gone! So, I have been really trying to preserve my gas, and not just be "on the go" every day! Thankfully, I have 3/4 of a tank and hope it lasts a good week still.
I wanted to take Parker to a pumpkin patch (we went to 1 year ago with my sisters)however, it was a distance that was unecessary at this time. So, we went to a local Methodist Church that has a "pumpkin patch" that they create each fall! Afterall, I just wanted some cute photos and it was free! We went with Aunt Samantha, Marlee, Aunt Shawna & Luke!
I LOVE the fall! Some of my favorites about fall:

The smell of apple-cinnamon candles, freshbaked pies and breads, finally wearing longsleeves, OK, I'll admit I even like a few presents in October for my birthday , but I get really excited when all the pumpkins arrive and leaves start to change! One of the great things that our God does to bring change in the seasons and a time to reflect his beauty!
As Parker gets older, I hope he learns to love the beauty of the seasons!
Happy Fall to all of you!
Now, some homemade pumpkin pie would be perfect right now!

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Softball tournament Photos

Here are 2 scrapbooks of our time in Orlando!
It was wonderful having my mom with us! As I stated earlier, I could not have been able to attend the games and be with Mike if Mom hadn't come.
The weather was in the high 80's and that made it HOT for Parker. He was a great trooper when we did have him at the Ball-park (and that was only 1 game a day!)
My mom and I took him to down town Disney on Saturday night. He was enamored by all the people and the ducks we saw on the way out.
We had a blast taking him into the hot tub at the hotel. It was mild (not hot at all) and he loved it. But he really loved riding his bike all over! He was on a first name basis with the ladies at the front desk (it was a riot)!
Enjoy the photos,

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Monday, September 29, 2008

And the winner is......

2008 PWC Softball Tournament Champions

Wes (Senior Manager at PWC) getting the "victory water" poured on him!

Proudly holding up their well deserved trophy!

After competing in the tournament for 5 years, they finally won! They were estactic and completely speechless when they realized they won!

I was so thankful that I was able to be there for the win! Mom and Parker were back at the hotel napping. If Mom hadn't come I would have missed the championship win!

In my last blog I shared that they had won 2 out of 3 games on Friday's Round Robin. That night they got seeded 7 out of 30. Their first game was at 10:00 PM on Saturday. They played 4 games Saturday winning them all!

(Here is a photo of the bracket showing their seed on Friday night)

(Mike and I at the dinner Friday Night)

Sunday, they played for a spot in the winners bracket and got it! Their final game was against the defending champions, Tampa! (Who has won the last 3 years) ATL really wanted to beat them!) I am sure it was a huge dissappointment to Tampa, to lose. But, we are THRILLED for the Atlanta victory! I had nerves in my stomach the whole time of the championship game. I can only imagine how they were feeling!

(Mike running to 1st)

Now they are responsible for the 2009 tournament. One of the rewards(but work) for winning the tournament is to run and host the next years tournament! Sounds like a blast to me!..All of a sudden, it is alot of work. (There are 30 teams and around 13 girls teams and each team has 12-13 it is alot of people to host and plan an event for!) They will have to scout out great towns since next year is the 25th annual tournament!

I am already looking forward to the 2009 tournament!

I am proud of you Mike, and (your team) for winning!

Way to go ATL!

Jenn & Parker (a.k.a-your number 1 fans!)