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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Softball tournament Photos

Here are 2 scrapbooks of our time in Orlando!
It was wonderful having my mom with us! As I stated earlier, I could not have been able to attend the games and be with Mike if Mom hadn't come.
The weather was in the high 80's and that made it HOT for Parker. He was a great trooper when we did have him at the Ball-park (and that was only 1 game a day!)
My mom and I took him to down town Disney on Saturday night. He was enamored by all the people and the ducks we saw on the way out.
We had a blast taking him into the hot tub at the hotel. It was mild (not hot at all) and he loved it. But he really loved riding his bike all over! He was on a first name basis with the ladies at the front desk (it was a riot)!
Enjoy the photos,

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