How Many Have Visited....

Sunday, July 30, 2006


SAM smiles for Aunt Jenny!

I am having a wonderful time here in Calgary, while I am visiting my sister Jolyn, my brother-in-law, Eric and my newest nephew, Samuel! He is precious and such a "mom dream" for a first born baby!
I miss Mike dearly, and he misses too. I think he has really come to appreciate my normal work hours, (since I am around and there to take care of Abbey!) He has had to make special arrangements for Abbey to be checked on, for all the LONG hours he worked this past week. (And Abbey is just a dog!!!)
There is so much to say about the week...But some of the highlights have been:

  1. I would make the top of my list, meeting Sam, and of course finally getting to see Jolyn & Eric's condo. Since Sam's arrival, they feel that they have already outgrown their house.
  2. And I would also say the mountainous sights are a plus too. We went up to see the famous "Banff, Alberta"- it looks alike like Breckenridge, CO or Vail,CO. It is a breathtaking view of the Rocky Mountains. We even got to see a couple of Moose along the side of the road on our way up to Lake Louise to see some Hot Springs. It was a fun,long, fulfilled day for Jolyn, Sam and I.
  3. My not so exciting moment- my visit to the Walk-In center for a horrible rash I picked up while traveling here! I got on a good, strong steroid and it is almost gone now!

    Can't believe that tomorrow is Aug. 1. Where did the summer time go? I know that summer time is usually through Labor day, but for me it is nearly over.
    In the meantime this has been a great way to end the summer-seeing Jolyn, Eric and Sam.
    Blessings to all,