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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Baby Shower Blessings!

My class had a baby shower today for me and overwhelmed me with gifts!
They wheeled in the stroller I registered for, filled with baby supplies:diapers, wipes,rattles, diaperbag, 2 baby blankets and much more! Then 2 of my kids come walking in with the "Patchwork Pooh" bedding set that I registered for! I began to cry and was overwhelmed, (as you can see in the photo)!
Later on in the day, one of my students came in and brought me the car-seat! Unbelieveable day! Mike and I are touched with gratitude for all that I did receive today. He still has yet to see it all! He just got the phone call of "guess what we got...!" Teachers may be underpaid a bit..but sure are blessed with gifts of appreciation at NCCS.
It is a tradition at my school that they do a monetary collection the last week of school for the teacher. So they opted to do the Baby shower theme as my "farewell" gift from teaching! I will really miss my days of teaching, but I am really looking forward to the new chapter of "motherhood" in my life!

Overwhelmed with baby shower blessings today,

Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day

Hope this day is restful to all of you!
We have friends coming over for a BBQ. The smoke is not in the air today and we will be able to go to the pool!
Here is my latest (27 week photo)Last week of the 2nd Tri-mester! So exciting to be getting near the end. Praying that I survive the hot summer days!

Blessings to you all!
Jenn, Mike & Baby Riese

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Summer days and we need rain!

We have gone almost 3 weeks and really had no rain! When we do get it, it only lasts for a short while. You may have heard about these wild-fires in southern GA and into parts of FL. Well, the fire/(smoke) is so severe and they have not been able to put the fires out yet. So we have numerous mornings where we awake to "fog" but it is SMOKE from the south! You actually walk outside & SEE and SMELL the smoke from south GA. It is like you just had a camp fire in your neighborhood, and the fire still has not gone out. It is very sad!
Last week, we had to keep all the kids indoors on Tuesday. It was an 85 degree day and the smoke was so severe! We did not want to mess with the asthmatic children and be inhaling the smoke ourselves. Being pregnant, it is harmful to me too! So we desperately need the rain and have been banned from water the lawns and flowers during the week. We use to be Tues/ Thursday & Saturday. Now the state law is Odd # houses can ONLY Water from Midnight to 10AM on Sundays and Even # houses do it on Saturdays.
Fortunately my rose bushes are budding and the marigolds that my mom planted for me in March have come back.
We will NOT be at the pool today! To "smokey"! Hopefully tomorrow we will have some better air and be able to enjoy the pool. We got plenty of sun yesterday!
Have a wonderful memorial day tomorrow!