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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Baby Shower Blessings!

My class had a baby shower today for me and overwhelmed me with gifts!
They wheeled in the stroller I registered for, filled with baby supplies:diapers, wipes,rattles, diaperbag, 2 baby blankets and much more! Then 2 of my kids come walking in with the "Patchwork Pooh" bedding set that I registered for! I began to cry and was overwhelmed, (as you can see in the photo)!
Later on in the day, one of my students came in and brought me the car-seat! Unbelieveable day! Mike and I are touched with gratitude for all that I did receive today. He still has yet to see it all! He just got the phone call of "guess what we got...!" Teachers may be underpaid a bit..but sure are blessed with gifts of appreciation at NCCS.
It is a tradition at my school that they do a monetary collection the last week of school for the teacher. So they opted to do the Baby shower theme as my "farewell" gift from teaching! I will really miss my days of teaching, but I am really looking forward to the new chapter of "motherhood" in my life!

Overwhelmed with baby shower blessings today,

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