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Thursday, November 20, 2008

15 Months Old

Hard to believe that we are nearing up the holiday season and Parker is about to celebrate his 2nd Thanksgiving and Christmas! Last year he slept the holidays away! This year he will be taking it all in....and I am sure getting into ALL of it too! Still trying to decide on the Christmas tree(s ) and how we will decorate them or if this year!! (Hmmm ?)

In the world of Parker he is walking around with us or a walks with a toy.... but the confidence is still being tested independantly. He can stand on his own and take about 2 steps! (That is fine with us!) The past month Parker has been cutting 2 bottom molars. Tuesday and Wednesday were really ruff days and he was so NOT himself! I felt so bad for him (and thank goodness for Motrin!)-He was in bed by 6:45 on Tuesday night and slept till 8:30 AM!

Parker's Favorites are still pretty consistent.
He has added 3 new words to his vocabulary "GO and Baby!" Which now sums up his total vocabulary to 8 words! You would be surprised how much we can talk about with just 8 words!

nigh-nigh, (or "No-no -nigh-nigh" when its time for bed)

Favorite Food:Pasta and sliced turkey meat
Favorite toy by far "DA BALL!"

Favorite book- The Penguin

In other Parker news... we are completely bottle free! He LOVES his Milk and we have had quite the time finding a cup he will drink out of. He's become a fan of the Playtex Sippy straw cups. They travel well and are leak free!
In the world of the Riese's we are looking forward to Thanksgiving with Mike's family in MD !
We will be spending the holiday with Mike's brother Brian and his wife, Courtney (along with the rest of Mike's family!) So we will be on the road ALL next week~We have a few stops before we actully get to MD!
First stop is TN to visit Joy, David & Trey;
Second stop is Virginia Beach Virginia (we will be scouting out the area for the PWC 2009 tournament in September)
So PLEASE pray for us if you think about us during next week as we have ALOT of travels!
I am posting a video to show how much Parker LOVES to say "ball"~ I tried to get him to talk about "Abbey" but you will see he was very focused on "da ball!"

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving to all of you and remeber to GIVE THANKS not just this next Thursday, but each day God gives you!
Jenn :)

FYI: After I shot the video this AM, I got ready to do another video and the lens started acting up (which was the problem last month)! (It was "fixed" and worked great the last 2 weeks!) I called Olympus and they are once again going to "fix" it! So NO Camera for the Thanksgiving Holiday! Back to the Hospital it goes....hopefully back or even better and praying