How Many Have Visited....

Sunday, March 18, 2012


I will never forget the moment I heard the nurse say,"I see red hair" as I was in the final stages of delivering our first little boy,Parker.
Honestly,I was just so wanting to see him and in denial that our little boy would have RED HAIR.
However,I wasn't in true denial.
My paternal grandma had red head & my two aunts were also red headed. So,I knew that the red hair was destined to come back in the family. Well, I inherited it. I married my college sweetheart who also has red-heads in his family. So, we were destined to have a red- head!
So,it is an honor to carry the gene and pass it on to our first born son, Parker.
Here we are 4years later and in love w our "red head"/Orange haired little boy.
Two years ago,Parker was invited to do a free photo shoot in an Atlanta with a very gifted photographer,Oana Hogrefe. She was seeking red-headed children to fulfill a book with their unique beauty.
We were so excited to participate.
We didn't even know if he would make it in the book.
Here is a photo from that shoot.
(Parker is 26 months old here)
He has grown up so much since we had the photo shoot.

Fast forward two years~  he made the cut!
The book just got published and is now available.
The book is called "Aglow"
That word "aglow"  is a beautiful definition of the beauty that lies behind each little red-head in this book.
God made them all with a distinct connection,their red hair.But, they are all so unique and different. Some have light red hair and blue eyes.Some have darker red hair and brown eyes.Some of these children,like Parker, have definite "red" hair and green eyes.We are excited to go to the publishing party and meet some other red heads that also took part for the book.
To this day,Parker has LOVED his "orange"hair.
Thankfully, he has not questioned why he is the only one in our family with "orange"hair.
Our prayer is that he continues to love his unique hair color,and understands how much God loves him and has great plans just for him(Phil.1:6).
Here is the website for the book and you can get a sneak at some of the other children in the book, and look for our little red-head!