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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Our Disney Adventure and MORE

We are back from the "Happiest Place on Earth" and our Disney Cruise. One word to sum up the cruise-AMAZING! We had the BEST time and will go back again soon! We LOVED having the time with the family and of course just being on the cruise boat in 80 degree weather in Feb! Disney is unbelievable~! Compared to Carnival we gave Disney a 10 / Carnival gets a 6!

We spent the weekend prior to the cruise in Orlando. We went to Boma's Restaurant (at Animal Kingdom Lodge) to celebrate my parents 40th Anniversary. We had a great meal and loved seeing all the animals at the Animal Kingdom. We had some rain that weekend so we didn't do all that we wanted. We didn't let that put a damper on us though. Just seeing Parker interact with his cousins and really get acquainted was priceless. Friday, Parker and I went to the Orlando Science Center with my sister Julie, her husband,Rob and their son, Jack! (They were not going on the cruise) so we wanted the boys to spend some time together. It was fun to just let them run around!

Top 10 Highlights of our trip:

(Here is a family photo of the 12 of us that went on the cruise)

  1. We had private fireworks from the top of the boat and got to spend a day in the Bahamas & Disney' Private Island (Castaway Cay)

  2. 80 Degree weather the day we were in Nassau.

  3. No cooking or cleaning the whole week nice to have your room made up at night too!

  4. I only gained .4 pounds the whole 10 days....and I was happy to not have gained 10!

  5. Mike and Parker bonded a ton

  6. I got a pedicure in the Spa

  7. My parents room was right next to ours (and helped with Parker!! THANKS)

  8. Mike got to watch the Superbowl on the biggest screen TV yet.... (They had a party on the top deck so he was THRILLED)

  9. Great food, fabulous Broadway shows, and time alone at the pool!

  10. We spent 6 days with my family and we treasured each moment with them.'

Now I must say that we had a few little adventures that were UNPLANNED and we will laugh about one day:

Jenn's wedding Rings~

Following the cruise we stayed in Cocoa Beach with my sister, Jolyn (her family) & my parents. We got off the cruise at 9:30 Thursday morning. We got early check in to the Marriott and we were all tired!( Last night on ship was a little rocky due to waves and it was a short night.)
We checked in the hotel and laid Parker down for a nap! I decided to lay down too. I took off my jewelry (including my wedding rings) and laid them on the dresser by the bed.Parker took a 3 hour nap (AND I DID TOO). We woke up at 1 and Mike had to step out for a conference call. I checked email-Parker woke up! I changed his diaper and let him play! *(Forgetting that my jewelry was laying on the dresser (at his reach). He discovers them and takes them away. We got ready to go over to my parents hotel and I was getting changed and went to get my rings....they were NOT there! I PANICKED! I instantly knew Parker took them! He is not at the age of reasoning and able to explain where something I really panic now! I begin to cry and Mike is just thinking how expensive this vacation could become if we do not find them! I am starting to think he has thrown them in the toilet (seems to be a favorite place to put stuff). To make a long story short- after calling my parents to come and help, me being so weak and in desperate cry for them. We gave up-Mike found my wedding band, but my diamond set was GONE! I was sick and could not even eat! We left to go down to the hotel for a bit! Mike loads Parker in the stroller and puts him in the car. When Mike went to put the stroller away he found my RING IN THE STROLLER! It was in the bottom basket!! PRAISE the LORD! As you know rings "Appreciate" and Mike knew it would be expensive to replace. But it obviously has sentimental value! I was SO happy to have it back! FYI- I very rarely take my jewelry off to nap!

Trip to the ER~
Yes! We ended up in the ER with Parker last night! He must have picked up a stomach bug after the cruise. We left Cocoa Beach at 10 AM Friday. By noon he started to vomit (IN THE CAR) ! I had the thermometer on the trip. He had NO fever. So, we pulled over cleaned him up-changed his clothes. We ate lunch and were back in the car by 1:00! At 2:00 he puked again! I was really worried now. He ended up throwing up 9 more times! I was in the backseat for MOST of our trip and he was getting weaker and pale. I was on the phone with Parker's pediatrician by 2:30! We had to stop and get Pedialyte for him. He could not keep that down. I started to get so worried each time he tried to throw up (and it was every 30 minutes)! He had dry heaves and was trying to sleep! We were told by 5:30 that we needed to get to an E.R. We were about 45 minutes from our Children's Hospital so we drove straight to it-Scottish Rite. By the time we made it to the ER- I had gone through 100 wipes (and I know that because the container had 107 and only 7 left) We had great service-thankfully we were in an out in 2 hours! They gave him Zofren. (My sister had to take it when she was pregnant for vomiting) we waited 20 minutes and then began to give him Gatorade! He kept it down and we were so happy to see him "Come alive again!" He is SO happy and energetic, and he had "no life in him" The thing that made me cry was his cry. He had no tears and dry diaper ALL day! Don't ever ignore a dry diaper!

Enjoy the slide show of our vacation!

Click to play Clark Disney Vacation

So despite my trauma with my wedding rings and our visit to the ER -it was the best vacation we have ever had!
And there is ALWAYS drama with us.

We were so glad to get away and have the time together as a family.
Jenn, Mike & Parker

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