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Friday, January 25, 2008

No wonder it is called Domestic Engineer

What a day! I did 7 loads of laundry yesterday, dusted (discovered the ceiling fans needed it badly), and sorted out some old clothes! I was worn out after 4 hours of it! I have to say that I still found time to get on the treadmill and shower during Parker's 2 hour morning nap!
I remember the days when I loved to do all our "weekly" laundry! The first year we were married, I would make Saturday morning my "laundry day!" Well, that is in the past and no longer an option!( I don't miss having to go hunt down quarters for the apartment machines!) Well, I feel that if I now choose to take 1 day off of laundry, I am backed up for the next 3 days! So 1 load a day I must do! Of course, Parker being on food now means lots of bibs! But I am really thinking that I need to get a bib that is re-usable and cleans quickly!(There are some great silicone ones!) I think I will be making this a purchase real soon.
I absolutely love being home, but some days I am completely struk back at how fast the day went by, or in this case (what the daily activity was)!
So glad that I can enjoy the day today with Parker!
We are headed to Lunch with a friend of mine from my college BBC.(She just moved here!) I will post more about how we got connected in our church! (It is really neat-you will have to come back later to hear the story!)

Blessings to you all,

Sunday, January 20, 2008

5 months old!

Parker is a great 5 month old and I am getting a work out already with him!
I took him on Friday to see a physical therapist for his head & development!
He is developmentally doing great. His flat head in the back, is the result of how he positions himself while he is sleeping! We had a scan of his head and has a mild case, so he is most likely not going to need a helmet! We will go back in 6 more weeks to see how he has improved. (They will do another scan.) He is up alot more (and loves being in the jumperoo!) The more he is up and off of his head-the better it will form on its own!
Here is another photo album of some of his latest!
Click to play Parker+is+5+months+old!
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On the homefront here-I am the new Neighborhood Social Comittee Coordinator! I am in charge of planning all the neighborhood events-primarily for the kids! I told them at the meeting, I can't do it alone! I had a sign up sheet for some of the yearly events and I got a ton of volunteers! I am praying that it is a successful year and the help will pull through! The first big event is the Easter Egg hunt! I am looking forward to it! It makes me laugh and wonder if God was preparing me in college? I was the dorm social coordinator for a year!
Enjoy the photos!