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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy Half Birthday,Kade"man"

Thursday, 6/28/12, Kaden, turned 2&1/2.
I realized it was his (half birthday)just as Mike &I were about to tuck him into bed.
When I was growing up we always got to celebrate our half birthdays:)
So,it is fun to have a special treat and recognize these little milestones in the boys lives.
I can't believe our baby boy really isn't a baby anymore. I love his big blue eyes. And Mike and I have weekly discussions of the curly hair. It is LONG and I really want to get a big trim. Daddy insists on mommy only doing "little" trims. It is a completely different texture of hair then Parker's and it is beautiful a little bit longer. However, I don't want to confuse others by his curls that he is girl.
Crazy to think,Parker, was a big brother by this age.I am sure Kaden,will make a great big brother SOME day. Not ready yet for number 3. Some days he is like having two kids! LOL
 But, we are holding on to our breath& keeping on our toes with his curiousity!
His latest laugh for all, but mess for "mommy" was getting into a brand new bottle of my hot pink nail polish.
He managed to dump it all over the corian marble,5pieces of tile,and covered his right side of his body!!!

(I just laughed,screamed and laughed some more. Then captured his "busted photo" and then very FAST, I dumped half of a bottle of remover on a washcloth with soap and water. I dreaded putting the remover on his face! But thank the Lord he sat very still and let me get it all off!) I do not want to repeat this episode again. And the polish was UP but he still got it!)
 We are still.trying to get it out of the floor....ugg!

He has filled our lives with SO much joy,and one word that explains him is "adventurous!"
Here are just a few photos that show him at his peak moments.:)

(Kaden playing in foam peanuts in mommy's class room the week of VBS-he made the most of the opportunity)
Giddy-Up, Cowboy Kaden! 
(At White Water waiting to get in).
You can see he is catching up to Parker in height! They are 28 months apart. However, 1 clothes size off and just 5 pounds apart!) 

We can't imagine our lives without him.
Happy half birthday,Kaden.
We all love you.