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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Last Day of school- "When he was 3"

He went 3 days a week and was taught by two very special teachers, Ms. Clare and Ms. Kelley. We are so grateful for the Lord hand selecting each of them for him. He LOVED walking into the classroom and saying "I'm Back!" He had a way of "lighting" up the room the moment he walked in.
What a comfort it was to have him love his class and LOVED his teachers! He loved learning new things each month and most of all he was taught from a Biblical foundation! As parents with no family in town, it is a blessing to have BHBC and the opportunity to send our "boys" there for Mom's morning out and Pre-school.
Parker (First day of 3 Year Pre-school)

 (Parker today (May 19th) celebrating apparently that it's the last day :)
Kaden will enter Mom's Morning Out after he is 2~(fall 2012). He gets one more year home with mommy :)
I am so proud of our little man Parker.
Yesterday he was a little boy and today he is growing up into a big boy and quite the charmer!
Some of his BIG 3 Year accomplishments this year; writing his name, numbers & letters, color recognition, monthly Bible Verses, traffic signals, new songs, and the big one this year....overcoming the fear of going "pooey" in the toilet!!! Yippee HE finally did it all on his own! I was worried he would be 10 before he would.
 Hats off to another great year of growth!
We ended the year with a special carnival for just the 3year old's today (4's went yesterday, and 5's go tomorrow), with jumpies, cotton candy, popcorn, bubbles, games, snowcones and a picnic lunch with the class and other 3's classes on the lawn. It really was a neat way to end the year!

Miss Clare and Miss Kelley were very tickled to get their gifts today (Cake Pops) and I was a happy mommy today to receive his "All About Me" book today.


 It is a neat collection of the year and his growth! 
 I really can't believe he will be in 4 year old Pre-school next year!
His next adventure... a trip to NY to visit NeNe and PaPa.
We are looking forward to a fun summer and a break from the crazy schedule of getting off to school :)

Cake Pops

I got creative for the end of the year teacher gifts. As a teacher, it was always special to get some "unique" gifts at the end of the year. Now it is truly a joy to give back to Parker's teachers who have made a huge impact upon his life. Therefore, they deserve a little extra appreciation from us. So this year my creativity was "sparked" for that "unique" gift- thanks to Starbucks for inspiring me to whip up some Cake Pops!
 Joy wanted to do something for Trey's teachers as well so I encouraged her to embark upon this "cake pop" journey with me. So, we split up the list, went off to hunt down our needed items and baked away. Then we dipped and decorated together :)
We are thrilled with the success of them and the flavor is out of this world!
Want to try one?
I may be onto something new in my life!!
...Watch out Starbucks,these taste better :)

Flavors: German Chocolate, Strawberry Angel food, Brownie Cream & Red Velvet.
The cake pops were presented in these darling tin cans we found at Target :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A day off from my full time job.....

It was a real joy to celebrate another special Mother's Day with Mike and our two sweet boys. I am amazed that God has chosen for me to be a mom. Being a mom has a vast responsibility! The definition of MOM with all it's requirements is somewhat overwhelming but some days rewarding!
I do not say that in a negative way at all. However, I treasure my opportunity to just stay home and be MOM. But, I do not know how Mom's do it in the career world full time? I completely respect each one's convictions but right now-I need to be home. Some days I miss the classroom but I really am grateful to God that I can just be home and "teach" our boys.
So, how much value and worth is a full time mom?
Check out this article for the full breakdown on a mother's worth (click on the back button to see all the roles for what a mom does)....

If you were to put a price on all the roles of "mom" per year here is an idea:
  •   cook ($27,000)
  • maid ($20,000)
  • laundry service ($20,000)
  • Psychologist($76,000)
But I think our real reward will one day be in heaven.
However, I love the Psychologist role-all those teachable moments and moments we don't love so much (the lecture or time out in Target or at Chic-fil-a) are worth over $38.00 an hour! I do not want to get money for being a mom, but it is sure nice to feel appreciated and have some time off occassionally. WOW, if you are full time MOM you are worth $115,000 a year! Give yourself a pat on the back. If you are working mom, you are worth an additional $65,000 (something to be proud of :)!
As Mike would say,I get so caught up in the stress and full load of being MOM, (24/7)~I rarely sit back and enjoy the little joys! (Sigh) I am trying to relish the moments better and not get so worked up about the small things. As many of you know, we don't have family in town, so rarely do I get a full day off!(But then again? What full time Mom does?) Now that we have 2 kids, I have a greater appreciation for "Mother's Day" and the "holiday" that it is :) It is starting to become a favorite holiday of mine. This is the one day a year that I must say, Mike goes ALL out to make sure I am pampered, appreciated, and treated like a "queen." Not having family in town, he knows how tireing it gets and I know he feels like he has 2 jobs-but he NEVER complains about it,and makes sure I get my breaks! :)
(I do not deserve MIKE-he is a gem and has been such a blessing to me :)
He took me out to dinner and a movie (without the boys on Saturday night). Sunday we spent the whole day as a family. A trip to Starbucks, church, my favorite BBQ and spending the day as a family :) Mike had to leave for Brazil on Mother's Night. He made sure to get the most of the day spent at home. The night ended with my favorite ice-cream sandwiches....Chocolate Mint Skinny Cows! It was so sweet to eat my favorite ice-cream dessert with Parker. I am so blessed.

 (This is a hilarious photo and the best we got....Kaden is being Kaden and Parker, (DOES NOT want to take a photo)
 (Mother's Day Luncheon; I had another sweet time with Parker at his pre-school.) I am so in love with this little boy (even when he is SO strong willed). Photo can not show it, but he just started getting freckles!!! :)
(Heart Attack on a plate! (AKA=Ooh-La-La) from a famous restaurant in downtown Acworth! It was my Mommy night out meal. I was running it off the next morning :)
Mike always is looking for a "gift" idea for Mother's day-but I gave a big hint that my biggest desire this year was a day off! (I do not say that in a negative way, or to say I do not appreciate or LOVE being MOM (24/7), but there is something special about a big upcoming "day off"!)
I come back refreshed and renewed. If you have family in town and get breaks frequently, cherish it! I am trying to focus all of my time on the boys. BUT, I fail many days, as I get impatient and stressed. But I am so glad that each day is a NEW day. I think my 7 years of teaching and creating lesson plans set a standard for my expectation of "mommy-hood" ERASE!!!! ERASE!!!! I have learned that there are NO lesson plans in the world of "MOM", but it is still good to have a set schedule for general routines. However, I have had to BE FLEXIBLE and most of all be a role-model! (That is so humbling and I fail so much). I want our boys to grow up with a love and desire to serve the Lord, respect authority, and be a gentleman :)
Since there are NO days off and NO weekends in the world of MOM, my wish was granted. That longing for an end in sight, a day off, something to look forward too-NO "kid" responsibilities etc. was given to me by Mike and the boys. Mike took an upcoming Friday off and gave me some $$ for some shopping (for ME???!) I guess I shop for the boys so much, I don't do much for myself anymore.
 I think I have convinced Joy to go with me. (Anybody else want to join us?) Looks like we will be going, Friday, May27th around 10AM!) THANK YOU, Mike! Good luck :) But, I already know me....I will be leaving Mike a schedule,  I will be calling in and YES, I will miss them :) But, I will try not to feel guilty when I am away for the day.
"MOM, before I became a mom, I never grasped why you always wanted a quiet house and NO gifts! It all makes sense now!" Mom always said that all she wanted for Mother's day was "a cup of tea, a quiet house and time to read (uninterrupted)!" WOW-two kids later...I get it!
My mother and my mother-in-law have taught me SO much about being a mom, comforted my heart during frustration or failure and laughed with me during milestones accomplished or just memorable moments with the boys. (And they often remind me in moments that I don't find funny-that I will one day laugh!:) THANK YOU both for being a Proverbs 31 role model! I could not be where I am today without both of you in my life.
I have come to accept that it is important for me to have that alone time as a mom. So, May 27th is coming and I can't wait.  Some day when I have many hours and moments "Off" I will be wishing these days and moments back.
So, what do you do for yourself on a weekly basis to get time "off" for yourself?
I know that many of you have similar situations like me-and I would love your ideas, besides the obvious (Trip to target, working out at the Y) :)
I would not get this day off if it were not for our two sweet boys. I have to share a cute video of Parker singing his version of the "A,B,C's"-He does not say "L,m,n,o,p"-instead it comes out "I'm a little P!" It is priceless and THIS is why I LOVE staying home and capturing these moments.
Blessed Mommy :)