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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Unexpected Bumps and Blessings of life

Here is what's ticking in my brain....(and been ticking for a while)!
 I am really trying to get a grip on being a mommy of 2! I have had many,many days where I say to myself,
"Why was it SO much easier to be a teacher of 21 kids and yet-SO much harder to be a mommy of just 2?!"
I have come to really accept this HUGE responsibility from God and not beat myself up for the bumps.
What are these bumps I am talking about?
 It's those DIFFICULT/CHALLENGING DAYS of being a stay at home mom. "Those days when: you want to hide or go resign from your duties, or wish you were still in HS and had so few responsibilities and SO much fun, or when the clock said 5PM the day was over and you could stop being mom for the night!"
Bumps in my life (over the past 2 months):
  • Valenetines Dinner -failed! Had to search for a restaurant with out a 2 hour wait. (We will not be going out next year on the real day.) Finally found Macaroni Grill to accept our plans with only a 15 minute wait! Little did we know that the biggest bump to come was... I was actually coming down with the Stomach Bug and was attacked at 10:30 PM. BAD...(I never want to repeat that episode again). Hoping to celebrate it next month and enjoying the meal and keeping it down.
  • Sick in bed ALL day -not fun when you know you have SO many responsibilities to tend too.
  • I had just changed P's 2 year old's sheets and then -he leaks through his diaper at nap time
  • crayon ALL over the window sill
  • forgetting to put eggs in the muffin batter
  • in the shower and our 2 year old FALLS in the toilet
  • Kaden awakes from that "thought to be 2 hour nap" just when I was about to nap
  •  Kaden being up from 6-8:00 PM and wanting my undivided attention (and mainly nursing) when I really could be cooking and doing 500 other things....
  • a cop pulling me over for speed and a  back headlight out....(URRR)
  • Projectile vomit for the 5th time (after 2 outfit changes)
  • Forgetting a certain coupon....
  • wanting just 8 hours of sleep (but can't due to nursing).....
  • AND this one that has been on my mind for ALMOST 7 weeks-I go into labor "Naturally" and it is still 3 weeks away from my "sceduled" c-section and I have SO many things still to do?
Instead of focusing on these "bumps" in life, I am trying to focus on the "Blessings" in my life:
1. My husband who loves me unconditionally, accepts my MANY flaws, and appreciates me for what I try to do and completes me! Mike, you have been so patient with me and you are SO good with the boys! THANK YOU!I could not be the mom I am with out you! Thank you for working so hard to let me stay home *(even though you get 10 phone calls a day I do LOVE being a mom)!
I must brag for a moment ...and say that the Stomach bug attacked Parker (Last night) and I had set plans to go out! Mike never once hesitated to have me stay back. He dealt with Parker (who continued to vomit 3 more times). Not to mention he also had the baby and also had to do 2 loads of laundry too!
 It tore me inside to not stay back, but as a Stay at Home Mom, he knew I needed the break! I loved being away, but had my phone on and out the whole time!
2. Our first born Son, Parker,- has the best Personality to brighten my day or anyones~ with that amazing smile, beautiful red hair and his radient blue eyes.
(I LOVE this photo ;Parker and I went to a Birthday Party 2 weeks ago and he was SO excited to ride the pony that came to the Party-it was a Carnival themed Party!)
Our newest addition and second Son, Kaden,- he is only 8 weeks old and will not want to be craddled and held forever! I am in love more and more with being his mommy. I may miss my 8 hours of sleep (but I know I will get it back soon-I won't get these moments to hold him forever!)
4. Friends--I am blessed with MANY friends here in our area who all reach out to help me. So many know when to step in and help. It is SO encouraging when our family is all away. A speical thanks of course to my 2 friends, Lorelei and Samantha. You two will never know how much I appreciate you. Thanks for helping me get to this point and giving me the MUCH needed breaks and support in my life!  Thank you for stepping in to be the "family" when it is needed most.
5.Family and my Faith-My family (and especially my mom and mother-in-law) who have been my rock and support! Mom and Dad, Thank you for all the love, and support along the way!
Mom and Dad Riese, thank you for believing in me and accepting me just like parents accept their own daughter! I am so blessed to be a part of your family.
 I am so thankful for being raised in a Christian home and having the faith in a God who gives me strength when I am down, weak or advice in his word as a mom!
The best blessing above all is being loved by an amazing God who is so perfect and chooses someone like me with many bumps in life!
What "bumps" have you encountered lately in life? Can you look beyond them and find the many blessings?
I know that each day and week is a blessing from God even if  it be a day or week of "Bump's!
Before I know it-I will have BIG boys and they won't need my undivided attention!
Trying to enjoy the bumps and blessings in my life!
                                                                 My 3 greatest Blessings!